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Maintenance Update 6/7

2024-06-06 share:

[Caravan 101]
<Limited-Time Benefits Event>
1. The Ultimate Zongzi Contest: From Jun. 7 to Jun. 20, participate in daily zongzi faction contests. Accumulate duty points to earn competition items. Join a faction and use these items to help it win! Participate to earn exclusive titles, professional cleaning outfits, and other souvenirs.

2. Duo Training: From Jun. 7 to Jun. 20, Duo Training will be available. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to obtain Mastery and Wormwood Leaves. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
3. Caravan Market: From Jun. 7 to Jun. 21, the Lotus Bloom in Moonlight furniture series will be available for purchase at the Caravan Market. Participate in Training and collect Training Tokens to exchange Formula Shards, Enhancement Serums, and other items.
<New Market Recommendations>
1. Draconic Defense: From Jun. 7 to Jun. 21. Draconic Defense will be available for purchase. Use Federation Checks to open boxes and obtain rare items like the Bio-shark Blade Dragon's Roar Edition.

2. Panda Loves Bamboo: From Jun. 7 to Jun. 21, the panda-theme outfit is available. Use fresh Bamboo Shoots to find Green Bamboo and obtain items like the Panda Loves Bamboo Outfit box, Panda Backpack, and Willow Headwear.

3. Limited Core Development: From Jun. 7 to Jun. 21, every two SSR Mutation Cores obtained will include at least one SSR Mutation Core - Lightning Blades.
4. Princess Runaway: From Jun. 13 to Jun. 27, Princess Runaway will be available. Use Federation Checks to open boxes and obtain rare items like the Princess Runaway Outfit and the Colorful Bunny Pendant Box. You are guaranteed to obtain the Princess Runaway Outfit within 60 attempts.

5. Limited Chip Selection: From Jun. 13 to Jun. 27, new limited research is available. You are guaranteed to obtain a Premium Chip Optional Chest within the first 170 rewards. The Optional Chest contains limited Premium Chips like Steady as a Rock and Fighting Master. You can also enjoy discounted research during the event!
6. Consumer Squad: From Jun. 7 to Jun. 21, Form a Consumer Squad to accumulate points by participating in events like Draconic Defense and obtain rewards!
7. Benefits Sale: From Jun. 7 to Jun. 21. Limited-time Special Benefits and Mall Event Boxes are available. Don't miss out!

[Death High - Spore Invasion]
1. From Jun. 7, 2024, to Jul. 14, 2024, Death High Season 19 officially takes place. Participate for a chance to win limited Set Sail - Glow Sticks, season-specific furniture, limited Spray, and the Sail Star limited backpack.
2. The new season features 300 floors in Death High! Challenge for rewards on each floor.
3. The Spore Invasion sweeps through Death High. Spore-infected enemies appear on many levels. Survivors, prepare your Burning Mutation Cores to combat them! Some floors will also feature Mutated Infected enemies. Sharpen your counterattack skills and be ready!
4. Death High rewards have been upgraded. Participating in the Death High event can earn you a Death High Core Optional Chest (Spore Invasion Season) and many Mutation Droplets. The box includes non-tradable Cores such as the Firefly Meteor and Detonation Rocket
Mutation Cores, as well as the new Non-firearm Purple Core: Blazing Burst. Completing floors with mutation-infected enemies also grants extra challenge rewards to help survivors face the Death High. Mutation Core, Mutation Droplets, and extra rewards cannot be claimed multiple times through weekly dividends.
5. Mirrored High also takes place during the season. It features challenges in units of 10 floors, gradually unlocking as survivors progress. Completing these challenges can earn Rescuer Badges and other rewards.
6. The Infected in Death High are heavily resistant to Virus DMG due to an unknown infection force. Survivors must be vigilant.
7. Mutation Core Chests in Crystal Hunt and Snow Hunt modes have been rotated to Mutation Core Chests (Burning).

[Summer Pass Official Launch]
1. From Jun. 7, 2024, to Jul. 26, 2024, the Summer Pass will officially go live. Complete Summer Pass quests to earn Accessory Chests and other rewards!
2. Unlock the Advanced Version to enjoy perks including the Quest Speed-up Privilege, Outfit - Beach Time, the brand new Mutation Core - Energy Musket, and other fantastic rewards!


[Area Operation Improvements]
1. A new quick switch feature for Mutation Cores has been added to Area Operations. Survivors can configure it in the Mutation Core configuration screen. Once configured, they can switch the current weapon's core to the corresponding core with a single click during specific phases of Area Operations.
2. Improved Guides for Abyss Forbidden Zone and Levin City Train Station.
3. Optimized an issue where survivors could be attacked by mutants during cutscenes in Lost Paradise, and fixed gathering point functionality at the gathering point.
4. Optimized guidance and combat experience for the Submerged Island Reef.

<Apartment Improvements>
1. Optimized the display of apartment farmlands, allowing you to view and switch to the private farmlands of other residents in the same building, and care for their crops.
2. Fixed an issue where dog and animal-related furniture were unable to move on the first floor of the apartment room where survivors reside.


[Other Improvements]

1.Improved the Dyeing experience of Outfit - Princess Runaway. Gradient effects will now be preserved after the Dyeing.

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