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Maintenance Update 5/24

2024-05-23 share:

[Caravan 101]
<Limited-Time Benefits Event>
1. Holiday Bingo: From May 24 to June 6, complete 3 quests on the same straight line according to the Quest Card to get the corresponding rewards. Complete all quests on the Quest Card to get the Carefree Bear Card Frame and other rewards.
2. Duo Training: From May 24 to Jun. 6, Duo Training will be available. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to obtain Mastery and Sweet Mango. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
3. Caravan Market: From May 24 to Jun. 7, the Lotus Bloom in Moonlight furniture series will be available for purchase at the Caravan Market. Participate in Training and collect Training Tokens to exchange Formula Shards, Enhancement Serums, and other items.
<New Market Recommendations>
1. Ravenous Dragon: From May 24 to Jun. 7, New Outfit - Ravenous Dragon will be available for purchase. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.

2. Premium Collection: From May 24 to Jun. 21, new items will be available for purchase, including: Skin -  Shadowfly Dualies Dragon's Roar Edition, Iridian Beidou vehicles, Collector's Edition Skin - Red Lotus, and other rare items.
3. Emergency Rescue: From May 24 to Jun 7, Emergency Rescue will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks and open the boxes for a chance to obtain rare items, including Fungus Flame Collection Optional Chest, Collector's Edition Skin - Night Spirit, Glacial Dream Theme Plan Box, and more.
4. Fashion Critique: From May 24 to May 30, Fashion Critique will be available. Numerous fashionable Outfits will be available for purchase for a limited time. Don't miss out!
5. Dark Angel: From May 30 to Jun.13, Dark Angel will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks and open the boxes for a chance to obtain rare items including Outfit - Dark Angel, Fortune Bunny Pendant Box, and more. You are guaranteed to obtain the Dark Angel Outfit within your 60 attempts.

6. Disc. Market: From May 30 to Jun. 6, if the total value of any purchase on the Disc. Market reaches a certain level, a discount will be deducted from the original price. Applicable to all items in the Disc. Market. Items available in the Disc. Market refresh every day.
7. Summer Garden Premium: From May 24 to Aug. 16, Summer Garden Premium will be available. We've prepared 3 furniture themes including Western Romance Style, Chinese Lotus Style, and Childhood Bear Style. Survivors can consume Early Summer Furniture Boxes to unlock the style they favor.

8. Consumer Squad: From May 24 to Jun. 7, team up to form a Consumer Squad, participate in Emergency Rescue, Fashion Critique, Summer Garden Premium, Dark Angel and other events, accumulate squad points to unlock rich rewards!
9. Benefits Sale: From May 24 to Jun. 7, limited-time Packs will be available in the Benefits Sale and Mall. Come and take a look.
<Sale Supply>
1. Chain Supplies Program: From May 24 to Jun. 7, purchase the Chain Supplies to obtain the supplies as well as to unlock free benefits including Evolution Weapons Optional Chest, Memory Material II, Cute Kitten, Adorable Bunny, and more. You can also unlock and upgrade the Bonus Gift by purchasing the designated supply content to get extra benefits including Artificial Magnetic Core, Gold Bars, and more. The Bonus Gift can be claimed directly after they have been upgraded to the Premium Level, and those that have not yet reached the Premium Level will be sent to Survivors' mailboxes at the end of the event.

[Camp Apartments]
1. Improved the construction interface of the Apartment. Furniture that cannot be placed inside the apartment or in the public area will be displayed as unavailable instead of hidden.
2. Fixed an issue where Survivors needed to return to their camps to trigger the next quest if they completed the Camp Patrol quest inside the apartment.
3. Fixed an issue where Survivors would return to the Camp Passageway when they went offline in the apartment and came back online again.
4. Default furniture obtained by moving into the Apartment will not be able to be transferred to cohabitants.

[Other Improvements]
1. Decreased the strength of some monsters in the Miska Univ. and Caravan Supplies Transport.
2. Adjusted the usable Ammo Box level of the Defender Sniper Rifle, Shadowfly Dualies, Makeshift Cannon, and their skins. You can now use Basic Ammo Boxes to reload these weapons.
3. The Trade Federation has conducted research into the Giant Baby Infected that appeared in the Fall Secret Path and the Silent Desert, and has officially renamed it the Puerile Mutant.
4. The PC Lite Version interface has been updated based on feedback we received. We are now re-opening the test phase. Selected survivors can experience the new interface. If the new interface doesn't satisfy you, you can switch back to the classic version via Settings.

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