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Maintenance Update 2/13

2024-02-06 share:

<Valentine's Day>
1. Sweet Words: From Feb. 13 to Feb. 22, complete Duty Point tasks to obtain Confession Chocolate. Gift them to the Survivor you love the most to earn Love Points, which can be exchanged for Valentine's Day exclusive rewards!

2. Cupid's Dart: From Feb. 13 to Mar. 1, Valentine's Day Theme Outfit will be available, consume different amounts of Sweet Love Supply Boxes to draw Sweet Heart, Hearts Bonded Outfit Box, Cupid's Bow, Cupid's Backpack and other alluring looks.
3. Radiant Raiment: From Feb. 13 to Mar. 1, Radiant Raiment will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks and open the boxes for a chance to obtain rare items including Outfit: Radiant Raiment, Outfit: Dawn Waltz, Night Rose Cruise, Night Rose Dresser and other rare items.


<Limited-Time Benefits Event>
1. Holiday Bingo: From Feb. 14 to Mar. 8, complete 3 consecutive quests on the Quest Card to obtain rewards, complete all the quests on the Quest Card to obtain rewards including handheld item: Sweet Kiss, Headwear: Sweet Dumplings, Title: I Must be Smart Now and more.
2. Survival Quiz Challenge: Survivors will be able to participate in the Survival Quiz every hour on the hour between 9:00 to 23:00 from Feb. 13 to Feb. 22. The question database will be updated throughout the event, and Survivors can claim additional daily and cumulative rewards. Survival Quiz Tickets will be available in the Caravan Market and through daily rewards. You can use these tickets to participate in Solo Survival Quiz at any time.

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