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LifeAfter Season VI Update: Optimization & Q&A

2023-11-22 share:

Game Optimization Q&A

Adjustments Made So Far

Q: What content has been modified so far?

A: The following adjustments have been made:
1. Reduced the number of enemies in all levels of Fall Secret Path and Fall Secret Path - Crusade Mode.
2. In Black Mire - Crusade Mode, the Counterattack requirement for the Bride has been reduced from 4 players to 2.
3. Lowered the difficulty of monsters in all level segments of Miska Univ.
4. Decreased the difficulty of Daily Area Operations levels 110-119, including Normal Mode and Crusade Mode.


Counterattack Issues

Q: Feedback from a successful Counterattack is weak, and the damage inflicted on monsters with a Counterattack is not as satisfying as expected.

A: This Thursday (November 23rd), adjustments will be made to increase the damage during the Feeble and Paralyzed States after a successful Counterattack. Feeble State will be raised from 120% to 150%, and Paralyzed State from 200% to 250%.


obile Counterattack Delay

Q: There's a delay when performing a Counterattack on mobile devices, and the reaction time for tapping the Counterattack button is insufficient.

A: The delay issue is currently being optimized and is expected to be completed next Friday (December 1st).


Mobile Counterattack Convenience

Q: Using the Counterattack on mobile devices is not very convenient.

A: Survivors can now customize the position and size of buttons in settings for better comfort when Counterattack. We will continue to optimize the Counterattack interaction for mobile players.


Durability Concerns

Q: The new update seems to have a faster Durability loss.

A: The Durability in Federation Operation stage has not been modified after the version update. We will continue to monitor and optimize the issue of rapid Durability consumption and keep players updated promptly.


BOSS Stiffness Issue

Q: Some bosses recover too quickly after a Counterattack, making it challenging to react to the next skill.

A: This Thursday (November 23rd), optimizations will be made to Counterattack in Federation Operation - Normal and Crusade Modes. The overall difficulty will be reduced, reaction time increased, Counterattack requirements lowered, and some monster's Feeble State prolonged.


The Spider Nest Problem

Q: In Federation Operations, the final boss in The Spider Nest Problem selects players far away for Counterattack, making it difficult to react.

A: This Thursday (November 23rd), the selection mechanism will be optimized to choose the player closest to the boss for Counterattack, and the reaction time for player Counterattack will be extended.


Exclusive Accessory Drop

Q: After the new update, stages no longer drop Grade V, VI, and VII Accessories. How can we craft sets of these grades?

A: 1.After the update, the drop rate of General Components has been significantly increased. Daily Duty Point Chests and Ownerless Treasure Chests from Area Operations now offer enhanced component rewards. Grade II and III Accessories can be exchanged using low-level components, and Grade V, VI, and VII Accessories can be exchanged using mid-level components. The increased component drops will allow players to better access the Accessories they need.

2. To improve the accessory drop experience, starting this Thursday (November 23rd), specific-grade accessory drops will be optimized. Upon reaching certain player levels, players will receive Optional Chest drops (Grade II, III, V, VI, and VII Accessories will drop in the form of Optional Chest).

Take a player with a Gathering level of 90 as an example, after successfully completing level 70 Daily Missions, there is a chance to receive a "Grade IV-VI Accessory Optional Chest." Upon clearing level 79 Weekly Missions or level 82 Federation Operations, players are guaranteed to receive a "Grade IV-VI Accessory Optional Chest." If the drop reward is a "Grade IV-VI Light Stock," players can independently choose one of the following options: a Grade IV Light Stock, a Grade V Light Stock, or a Grade VI Light Stock.


Overall Difficulty

Q: The new version feels like it has increased the overall difficulty of stages.

A: This Thursday (November 23rd), a series of optimizations will be implemented. The difficulty of Counterattacks in Federation Operation Normal and Crusade Modes will be reduced, reaction time increased, Counterattack requirements lowered, and some monster's Feeble State prolonged. The numerical strength of certain difficulties including Weekly Missions, Weekly Mission - Crusade, Federation Operations, and Federation Operations - Crusade will be decreased. And rewards for Federation Operations and Federation Operations - Crusade will be increased.

The difficulty design is intended to have a gradient from Daily Missions to Weekly Missions to Weekly Mission - Crusade to Federation Operations to Federation Operations - Crusade, satisfying players' desires for challenging gameplay. Player rewards will also be positively correlated with difficulty. The perceived difficulty has been affected by issues with the Counterattack mechanism, and after subsequent optimizations, the overall experience will improve.

For Federation Operations, we will enhance clearance rewards. Players who cleared stages from the last update until this fix will be compensated for any discrepancies in clearance rewards. We sincerely apologize to all players for any inconvenience caused by the above actions.


Miska Univ.

Q: Why did the Gold Bar reward in Miska Univ. decrease, while Skill Points and New Dollars increased?

A: In consideration of reducing game complexity, we closed Hope Valley and Ghost Stronghold and consolidated clearance rewards into the Miska Univ. stage. Simultaneously, we increased New Dollars and Skill Points drops to expedite player development resource acquisition. However, due to coding errors during the update, the reward mechanism in Miska Univ. was unintentionally changed from receiving the highest rating reward to cumulative rating rewards.

To maintain game pace and balance, we urgently corrected this error. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this oversight and the belated announcement.


Special Thanks

We appreciate everyone's continuous attention and positive feedback on the game.

The recent "Infection Rebirth" update has garnered attention from both new and veteran players, and reunited us with some of the former Survivors. Moving forward, we will listen to your opinions and strive to meet your expectations.

We extend our gratitude to players who have provided BUG feedback through various channels and encourage everyone to use the in-game BUG feedback system. We will learn from experience, maintain transparent communication with players, promptly announce BUG fixes, and appreciate your supervision.


LifeAfter Development Team

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