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Maintenance Update 10/27

2023-10-26 share:

[Caravan 101]
1. Ghost Enchanter: From Oct. 27 to Nov. 3, New Outfit - Ghost Enchanter will be available for purchase. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.

2. Mystic Cat Eyes: From Oct. 27 to Nov. 3, Mystic Cat Eyes will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks and open the boxes for a chance to obtain rare items including Outfit - Mystic Cat Eyes, Wandering Ghost Backpack, Witch's Familiar Pendant and more.

3. Pumpkin Cat: From Oct. 27 to Nov. 3, Pumpkin Cat will be available. Open with Federation Checks. There is also a chance to obtain rare furniture including Castle Night, Black Cat Pumpkin Tree and more.

4. Limited Chip Selection: From Oct. 27 to Nov. 9, new Limited Research will be available. Players are guaranteed to obtain a Premium Chip Optional Chest, which includes the all-new Premium Chip - Attack to Defend and Crit. Combo, within the first 170 Limited Research attempts. During the event, enjoy a discount on a certain fixed number of Limited Research attempts!
5. Limited-Time Pack: From Oct .27 to Nov. 3, Ignite! Pumpkin Headwear Pack will be available in the Benefits Sale. Come and take a look.
6. Caravan Market: From Oct .27 to Nov. 3, Floating Candles, Pumpkin Meow Gauze Curtain and other furniture will also be available in the market. Come to exchange them!

[Land Tomorrow]
Halloween is coming and Land Tomorrow is back in business! Welcome back! The rides have been given a makeover, so come check it out, and get your Halloween game on! Survivors, are you ready?明日乐园-英文
1. Land Tomorrow will be available all day long from 8:00 on Oct. 27 to 3:00 on Nov. 3, there are several rides and games with rewards for every Survivor. Enjoy the doomsday carnival.
2. From 8:00 on Oct. 27 to Nov. 2, every day at 20:30 Pumpkin Treant will invade the Pumpkin Square at the center of the Land Tomorrow, Survivors, please fight against them! Any Damage Dealt will grant you participation rewards, the higher the Damage Dealt, the greater the rewards. The top 50 Survivors on the Final Damage Dealt rankings will receive corresponding rewards; Survivors who deliver the Final Blow to the Pumpkin Treant will receive special Termination Rewards. Pick up the Pumpkin made by Pumpkin Treant for a chance to obtain Pumpkin Treasure Chests.
3. Each Survivor can participate in the Shooting Contest 3 times a day. During the contest, the durability and ammo of the weapons won't be consumed. Hitting the Infected target will increase your score. Reach the score threshold to obtain rewards. The player who comes first in the Rankings will be rewarded the server-exclusive title "Top Marksman".
4. The Park Fishpond allows Survivors to catch up to 50 fish every day. There is a chance to fish Pumpkin Treasure Chests, Clownfish and Manta Rays. Clownfish and Manta Rays can be used to cook Festival Dishes; Catching a King Clownfish and a King Manta Ray will earn you a special event achievement award.
5. The Roller Coaster, Merry-go-round, Music Stage, Ferris Wheel and other amusement facilities have all been repaired. Invite your friends and have fun playing and taking photos!
     The roller coaster will set off every 10 seconds. Players can choose to play in first-person or third-person perspective during the ride. The ride is fast, so hold on tight.
     Up to two people can ride the Merry-go-round together now. There are many Survivors in the line, so each ride will take up to 3 minutes. Don't stay for too long.
     There will be a special lightning effect when Survivor plays the piano on the Music Stage. Two people can play it at the same time. If you like the performance, don't forget to tip in the tips box.

[Blueprint Construction Improvements]
1. Added Single and Duo Foundations to Blueprints. Players who are in a camp can choose to edit their Single Blueprint or Duo Blueprint. Also, Duo Foundations will display both your own and your roommate's blueprints.
2. Added a Settings button to Blueprints. Players can now set the upper limit of blueprint building points. The Blueprints page now displays items' origins.
3. Blueprints will build furniture and wallpaper by default. If the Survivor lacks a given wallpaper or furniture item, the blueprint can be force-built, with the missing parts left empty. There will be a reminder showing which items are lacking.
4. Added preview and visit functions to blueprints, blueprints shared in the channels, and blueprint items in Trade City. Players can view the required items to build the blueprint and also visit the blueprint to see it in person.
5. Players can now consume Credits to draw blueprints.

[Bounty List - Redwater Lake]
1. Redwater Lake has been added to the Bounty List. Complete the hunt for rich rewards. Form hunting teams and challenge the Withered Tree Mutant!

[Other Improvement]
1. Mutation Core - Crushed Ice Splash has been added to the rewards for Core Development and Mutated Federation Operations.

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