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Maintenance Update 9/15

2023-09-14 share:

[Caravan 101]
1. Another Dimension: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 28, New Outfit - Another Dimension will be available for purchase. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.

2. Optional Accessory: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 27, Survivors' target Area Operations will be determined according to their Gathering Level. Survivors can select target accessories from the specified accessory list, and will have a chance to obtain the selected accessories after successfully completing the target Area Operation. The probability of obtaining the selected accessories increases every day until the selected accessories are successfully obtained. Each Survivor can obtain a maximum of 2 accessories during this event.
3. Investigation Team: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 27, Survivors can form 4-player investigation teams and complete daily quests to boost their Exploration Score. Reach certain personal and team Exploration Score thresholds to unlock rich rewards.
4. Dance Party: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 27, the mastery obtained from the Fountain Ball will be greatly increased! During the event, you will obtain 3x mastery from the Fountain Ball. Participate in the Fountain Ball multiple times during the event to obtain extra rewards.
5. Frozen Fungus: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 28, Frozen Fungus will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks to obtain rare items including Skin: Fungus Flamethrower Collector's Edition, New Mutation Core - Howling Frost, New Fireworks Jetpack and more.
6. Silver Ray: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 28, Silver Ray will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks to obtain special items including Silver Ray, Capricorn - Galactic March and more.
7. Laurel Garden: From Sep. 21 to Sep. 28, Laurel Garden will be available. Survivors can exchange different amounts of Osmanthus for LifeAfter Construction Box of different levels. Open the Box for a chance to get Tea Olive Pot Game Lotus Pond, Rice Cake Bunny and more rare furniture.
8. Graffiti Park: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 28, the Graffiti Park event will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks to obtain Whale Slide, Jellyfish Slide and other rare furniture.

9. Consumer Squad: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 28, team up to form a Consumer Squad and accumulate squad points from Graffiti Park, Silver Ray, Frozen Fungus, Lucky Gift Box, Laurel Garden and other events to unlock rich rewards!
10. Limited-Time Pack: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 28, limited-time packs will be available in the Benefits Sale and Mall event packs. Come and take a look.
11. Lucky Gift Box: From Sep. 21 to Sep. 28, Lucky Gift Box is available to purchase. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks to obtain the Desert style Outfit - Nightingale and other rare items.

12. Duo Training: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 27, Duo Training will be available. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Osmanthus. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
13. Caravan Market: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 28, Bubbling Seahorse will be available in the Caravan Market! Participate in Training and collect Training Tokens to exchange Microcrystals and other items. Mechanical Materials and other rewards will be available for the next week!

[Death High]
1. From Sep. 15. 2023 to Oct. 22, 2023, Death High Season 16 will officially open. Participate for a chance to obtain Limited Steel Step - Glow Stick, Season Limited Starlight Furniture, Season Limited Roaring Steel Spray Paint and Season Limited Exclusive Backpack - Saturn.
2. Death High has 270 floors in this Season, challenge floors to obtain huge rewards.
3. Brimstone Crisis coming! A large number of Brimstone Infected have appeared in Death High. Survivors, get your Mutation Core - Freeze ready, and prepare to fight!
4. Death High rewards have also been upgraded. Participate in Death High for the chance to obtain the all-new Purple Flamethrower Mutation Core - Crushed Ice Splash and a large number of Mutation Droplets to help you survive this Brimstone Crisis (Mutation Core and Mutation Droplets cannot be claimed multiple times through weekly dividends)
5. Mirrored High will also be open this season. Mirrored High can be challenged in units of 10 floors, and will gradually open as Survivors make progress in Death High. Challenge Mirrored High to obtain the Gallop Badge and other prizes. The all-new Purple Flamethrower Mutation Core - Crushed Ice Splash has also been added to the School Shop.

[Fall Pass is now officially available]    
1. From Sep. 15 to Oct. 26, the Fall Pass is officially available. Complete the Pass Quests to obtain Accessory Chests and more rewards!
2. Unlock the Advanced Pass to gain the Quest Speed-up Privilege, Merry-go-round pendant and more rewards!

[Other Content and Improvements]
1. The Mutation Core Chest has now been replaced by the Mutation Core Chest (Frozen) in Crystal Hunt and Mutation Mode Area Operations.
2. Brown Bear Tim and Pink Bear Toni's expired mail claim functionality has been improved. Now, players can interact with the bears when the claim function is in cooldown and view the countdown. Claim expired mail and other details have been updated to the game, and players can check them out on the Bear Cub Info page.
3. The Guide the Newbies and Operation Recovery events will be closed after this update, but will return in a future update, bigger and better than before!
4. To improve the gaming experiences in certain gameplay modes, some outfit-exclusive actions are now banned in certain scenarios.

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