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Maintenance Update 9/1

2023-08-31 share:

[Caravan 101]

1. Wilderness Explorer: From Sep.1 to Sep. 15, New Outfit - Wilderness Explorer will be available for purchase. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action;

2. Love of Roses: From Sep. 1 to Sep. 14, Dormant Rose Planet will be available at the entrance of each Survivor's manor. Water your own or other survivors' roses to earn their owner's love, which can be used to exchange for crossover exclusive items in the Love Shop.        

3. Promenade Puzzle: From Sep. 1 to Sep. 14, Survivors can log in daily and complete the specified quests to get puzzle pieces. Use puzzle pieces to light up the puzzle for great rewards.

4. Tour Sign-in: From Sep. 1 to Sep. 14, you'll get a chance to claim rewards every day by logging in. There's also a cumulative reward available.

5. The Prince and the Rose: From Sep. 1 to Sep. 15, Collection Outfit The Prince and the Rose will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks and open the boxes for a chance to obtain Collection Outfit - The Prince and the Rose,and other rare items.

6. Planet Tour: From Sep. 1 to Sep. 15, Planet Tour will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks and open the boxes for a chance to obtain Star Flight, Ivy the Fox, Dormant Rose Planet, and other rare items.

7. Consumer Squad: From Sep. 1 to Sep. 15, team up to form a Consumer Squad and accumulate squad points from The Prince and the Rose and Planet Tour events to unlock rich rewards!

8. Lucky Gift Box: From Sep. 7 to Sep. 15, Lucky Gift Box will be available. Survivors can exchange different amounts of Federation Checks to open Chests and obtain rare items including Fox's Wish and more.Open a certain number of Chests and survivors could receive collab-limited vehicle: Star Seeker.

9. Limited-Time Pack: From Sep. 1 to Sep. 15, limited-time packs will be available in the Benefits Sale and Mall event packs. Come and take a look.

10. Duo Training: Duo Training will be available from Sep. 1 to Sep. 14. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Hand Fans. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support;

11. Caravan Market: From Sep. 1 to Sep. 15, participate in the training event and collect training tokens to exchange for [LifeAfter x The Little Prince] crossover series items. Fox's Diary Pet Outfit, Planet Tour Kennel and other crossover limited items will be returned to the Market the next week, please stay tuned!


[Hunter's Brigade Improvements]

1. Players can now search for friends on other servers and send them Roses, Lily Baskets, and White Roses.
2. Added new Unlock Tips to the Brigade Development page.
3. Players who are still within the probation period can now check their Friendliness with the team's captain via the Brigade main interface. When their Friendliness reaches the requirement, players can apply to become an official member directly.
4. Players can now choose the pose they want to display in the Brigade main interface. This will also be shown in the carriage group picture.
5. Brigade Building Permissions now support building Double Foundations.


[Mobile Device Improvement]

1. Added projectile wheel. Once enabled, you can place projectiles, serums and spore skills into the wheel to use and switch between them quickly.


[Other Improvements]

1. Fixed an issue where, when Mutation Core - Lightning Blades is in use, the auxiliary weapon’s attack and the impact attack in two-blade mode can be triggered multiple times when launching Drones.
2. Fixed an issue where the 9-star Special Skill of Mutation Core - Extreme Firepower could not trigger the Economical attribute of upgraded Armor.
3. Fixed an issue where opening the team voice chat through the popup window when you are in a team opens the wrong channel.
4. The Difficulty level of Camp Infected Invasion has increased to 60.

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