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[11.25] Announcement of Draw Probability

2021-11-24 share:

Lucky Gift Box
Some of the items are limited to the maximum number of times you can get them or if they are not in the prize pool, their probability will be proportionally divided among other items.


item chance
Skin: War Tiger - Crescent 0.23%
Formula: War Tiger Chip 0.45%
Collector's Ed. :Lava Tiger 0.24%
Flame Lion 0.36%
Thunder Lion 0.90%
Self-destruct Chip 2.41%
Prayer Drum Optional Chest 1.44%
Shishi-Odoshi Optional Chest 3.61%
Formula Shard*999 2.03%
White Route - Smart Yellow 7.05%
White Route - Dusk Purple 7.05%
Lv.2 Random Component 5.64%
Lv.2 Random Film 11.29%
Cream Geometric Square*4 2.26%
Gold Bars*12000 14.11%
Formula Shard*60 11.29%
Nanoplastic Optional Gift Pack1 8.47%
Skill Point*6000 15.52%
New Dollar*5000 5.64%



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