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Maintenance Update 10/14

2021-10-13 share:

[Caravan 101]
1. Free-flowing Rondo: New outfit - Free-flowing Rondo is now available to purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount and get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Chest Expert: Open special chests floating either in the air or on the water in some Pact Zone Wilderness Maps to receive rewards and points. The points can be used to increase the Expert level. The higher the level, the better the rewards will be from opening the chests.
3. Sandstorm Prevention: In response to the United Nations Environment Program's call to create a green Earth, LifeAfter introduces this special event. Protecting trees and planting forests is everyone's responsibility. Survivors can head to the desolate desert to plant trees and protect saplings from the Infected for great rewards.
4. Investigation Team: From October 14 to October 27, Survivors can form 4-player investigation teams and complete daily quests for Investigation Score. Reach certain amounts of personal and team Investigation Scores to unlock great rewards!
5. Wonderland: From October 21 to 08:00 on November 4, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive Wonderland Boxes. Open the boxes for a chance to receive rare rewards such as the Wonderland Optional Chest, Dawn Ray Optional Chest, Mechanical Moo Optional Chest, and more.
6. Lucky Hunt: From October 14 to 8:00 on November 4, exchange Training Medals for 100 New Dollars and a chance to draw from the Lucky Hunt 1 time. In the Lucky Hunt, you'll have the chance to get the Spider Venom Assault Formula, Bluebird Backpack, The Keeper Optional Chest, and more.
7. Duo Mirage: From October 21 to 08:00 on November 4, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive an additional Vehicle Pack, which you can open for a chance to get special rewards, including the amphibious vehicle - Duo Mirage, Rider of the Wild, Ironfist Pack and more.
8. Halloween Attendance: From October 28 to November 3, you can sign in each day to receive rewards and increase your Savings Rewards. Sign in on specified days to get exquisite furniture. The more you sign in, the better your Savings Rewards will be.
9. Disc. Market: From October 28 to 8:00 on November 4, if an order reaches a certain price, its overall price can be discounted. The order can include any item. The items in the Disc. Market refresh every day.
10. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
11. Caravan Market: The Ice Dreamland Chest is back on the Caravan Market for a limited time! Open the chest for a chance to receive rare items including Little Noble Snow Machine, Snow Gaia, and more. From October 28 to 8:00 on November 4, there will also be exquisite Halloween furniture you can exchange.
12. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes are online from October 28 to 8:00 on November 4. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as the Prank Night event outfit. There will also be many rare furniture including the Magic Mirror, Dancing Doll Booth, Rose Cobweb Screen, and more waiting for you to claim.
13. Limited-time Return: From October 28 to 8:00 on November 4, the classic Halloween furniture chest will be back on sale in the Mall for a limited time. Purchase the pack with Checks for a chance to get classic furniture including Scarecrow Lad, Scarecrow Lass, Flying Broom Magic Carpet, and more.

[Land Tomorrow]
Land Tomorrow is due to re-open in time for Halloween! Welcome to this paradise, which is as crazy as it was back in its glory days. We have also redecorated the attractions. Apart from the Infected which sometimes wander around the parade, there is no danger here at all... heh heh... Are you ready, Survivor?
1. Land Tomorrow will be open all day from 3:00 October 21 to November 3. The park contains a variety of rides and rewarding activities. Survivors, join the fun and party till dawn to your heart's content.
2. From 3:00 October 29 to November 3, the Pumpkin Treant will invade Pumpkin Square in the center of the park at 20:00 every evening. Survivors, put a stop to its rampage! Get a participation reward simply by dealing damage to the Pumpkin Treant. The more damage you deal, the better rewards you'll get. At the end, the top 50 Survivors on the damage leaderboard will receive rewards corresponding to their rank. The Survivor who deals the Final Blow to the Pumpkin Treant will also receive the Termination Reward. Pick up pumpkins created by the Pumpkin Treant for a chance to get the Pumpkin Treasure Chest.
3. Shooting Contest: Survivors can participate in the contest 3 times a day. Weapons don't lose Durability or consume ammo during the contest. Hitting the Infected targets grants you points, while hitting human targets deducts points. Reach the point goal to receive rewards. Rankings will be calculated every day at midnight. Top ten players will get ranking rewards. The first player on the Rankings will be rewarded the server exclusive title "Top Marksman".
4. Park Pond: You can catch up to 50 fish from the fish pond every day. You also have a chance to catch Pumpkin Treasure Chests, Clownfish and Manta Rays. You can make Festival Dishes by cooking Clownfish and Manta Rays. Catching a King Clownfish and a King Manta Ray will earn you a special event achievement award.
5. Monster Amusement Park is open every day from 18:00 to 22:00. Dress as an Infected and enter the Infected-filled Monster Amusement Park to compete against other players for Resource Packs. Players can receive rewards when their collected Resource Packs reach 10, 20 and 30 every day. Players who rank in the top 6 in a single game will receive extra rewards.
6. Park rides including the Rollercoaster, Merry-go-round, Music Stage, Ferris Wheel, and more have all been repaired. Have fun with your friends and take some great pictures!
     The rollercoaster will set off every 10 seconds. Players can choose to play in first-person or third-person perspective during the ride. The rollercoaster travels at high speeds, so remember to hang on tightly.
     The carousel can support two people. Since there are many Survivors queuing up for the ride, each Survivor is only allowed to ride for 3 minutes. Don't stay on the ride for too long.
     An ethereal light will shine while a Survivor is playing the piano on the Music Stage. Two players can play the piano at the same time. If you enjoy someone's performance, don't forget to tip them via the tipping box next to the stage.
7. During the event, Survivors can obtain Sweets by completing daily objectives and opening treasure chests in Land Tomorrow. Use Sweets to spin the lucky wheel on the event page to win rare items and other great rewards. Looks like Teresa hid some good stuff in the theater. Obtain 30 sweets to get the key to the theater entrance. Collect sweets to discover what goodies lie in the theater.

[Death High Season 9]
Located in the Freeport of Hokuriku, the tall-standing building of the Third Church University's Nobyl College was considered most unique back in the old world. Located near the abyss of the Source's remains, bearing the double threat of viral infection and atomic radiation, a faint signal came from the teaching building as it faded into oblivion...
1. Death High Season 9 begins on October 14 and will last until November 21. Participate in it for a chance to get the limited Golden Dream Glow Stick, Fall Season limited furniture, Golden Harvest Season limited Spray Paint, and Ceres Season limited exclusive backpack.
2. In the new season, Death High will have 220 floors. Challenge the floors for bountiful rewards.
3. The rules display at the Death High entrance in new areas has now been improved. Also, a countdown notifying Survivors when Death High will open has been added.
4. The rules used to calculate the Sturdiness of Barricades, Electric Nets, and Signal Machines have been improved to increase their Sturdiness on higher floors.
5. The bonus gained from cheering for the HP knight sculpture has been improved. Now Survivors who have gained the bonus will receive extra HP upon entering the floors of Death High.
6. Revenants will receive the protection of the Corolla of Revenant when in Death High: Parasitic Vitality Cost -70%, Parasitic Vitality Recovery under calm status +100%.
7. The Death High Cert. event will become available as Death High opens. By completing quests in the Death High Cert. event, you can get valuable rewards including exclusive level accessories, a permanent title, and more.
8. A Death High weekly dash privilege has been added that allows Survivors to dash through the floors that are reset on Mondays. Gain this privilege by unlocking DHC Upgraded.

[Other Content & New Rules]
1. Fixed the description of Combat Talent "Basic Parry Training" at Lv. 5, changing it from "explosive DMG is reduced by 8%" to "explosive DMG is reduced by 9%" to reflect its actual effect.
2. Reduced Revenants' Parasitic Vitality cost when using Assault Rifles, SMGs, and Electromagnetic Machine Guns.
3. Added options to exchange for some ingredients at the Wilderness Gathering Team.

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