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Maintenance Update 08/27

2020-08-27 share:
[LifeAfter x Resident Evil Event]
Attention! We've just received an emergency distress message from the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.)! It seems that they are suffering a large-scale Infected attack! They are also hearing strange noises coming from their basement! The whereabouts of officers and safety are currently unknown, nor do we know what kind of terrifying Infected are making those strange noises. We urge all survivors to join the effort to rescue the R.P.D. and find out the truth!
[Police Department Secret Mission]
1. Players with a Combat Level of above Lv. 10, can head to the Police Department via the Operation Event and select the difficulty level for the Police Department Secret Mission. Players can then start matching and challenge the Police Department Secret Mission solo or in a team. Each day during the event, the Bio Organic Weapon appears in the Police Department Secret Mission will be randomly selected from among G (Stage 2), Tyrant, Nemesis, or Executioner Majini.
2. Defeat the Bio Organic Weapon to complete the Police Department Secret Mission and obtain rewards. The challenge will fail if not completed within 20 minutes or all team members die. Rewards can only be obtained once daily. Once rewards have been claimed for one difficulty, they cannot be claimed again for other difficulties on the same day. Rewards are reset at 3:00 AM daily.
3. The Police Department Secret Mission is divided into 5 difficulties according to player Combat Level. Each difficulty has separate Rankings. Teams will be ranked on how fast they clear the quest. Extra rewards will be issued each day based on the Rankings for that day. Players can challenge difficulty levels that different from their Combat Level, but teams with players whose level do not match the selected difficulty will not be included in the Rankings.
4. Matching is unavailable between 2:30 AM and 3:00 AM every day. During the Police Department Secret Mission, gear Durability loss and ammo reload costs are reduced by 90%. Durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%, but players gain 90% less Combat Mastery.
[Crossover Appearance Limited-Time Offer]
1. The brand-new crossover motorcycle, Resident Evil themed motorcycle arrives! During the event, a special crossover motorcycle will be available in the Mall for a limited time. Open the Vehicle Pack for a chance to get special rewards such as the Resident Evil themed motorcycle or Urban Ranger.
2. Crossover outfit Tactical Expert Lucky Gift Box available! The Lucky Gift Box will be available for a limited time during the event and can be purchased using Federation Checks. Open it for a chance to get great rewards such as the limited-edition crossover outfit Tactical Expert.
3. Complete R.P.D. Secret Quest to redeem crossover furniture! The crossover furniture is available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. Players can obtain it by exchanging Honor Badges received by completing the Police Department Secret Mission.
[Event Time]
8/27 03:00 AM - 9/10 02:59 AM

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