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Maintenance Update 07/23

2020-07-22 share:

[Death High S4]

1. Death High has 160 floors. You may advance to the next floor after clearing the current one.

2. There is a Special Infected every 5 floors.

3. Due to the extreme radiation, the energy consumption for sprinting is increased, and Combat Mastery growth is decreased by 100%. The Search Team provides you logistical support: Weapon and Drone Durability depletion is reduced by 100%, and ammo cost is reduced by 75%.

4. You will fail a challenge if you give up or the time runs out. At that point, you will be sent to the elevator.

5. You cannot enter Death High until your Gathering, Crafting and Combat Levels have reached Lv. 20.

6. Floors you have challenged will be reset at 24:00 on Sundays. Afterwards, the highest floor you can challenge will be lowered by 15.

7. After the floors are reset, challenging floors other than the highest one will give you a Déjà Vu bonus, which increases your damage dealt and movement speed and reduces the damage you take. The closer you are to the highest floor, the lower the bonus will be. You will not receive this bonus when challenging floors with Rescue Events.

8. Death High challenges will close between 23:30-24:00 on Sundays.

9. The Death High storyline has 11 endings. Different choices you make lead to different endings. People's fate is in your hands! Find out the truth behind the disaster, or bury it. The storyline will be reset each week during the Season.

10. Each elevator has Atlas Couriers who will assist you with item retrieval from your Locker at home. Each item slot requires 1,000 New Dollars.

11. Cleared floors will not yield Floor Clearance Rewards if you challenge them again, unless they've been reset.

12. When replenishing ammo in Death High with ≥ 60% ammo reserve, you need to perform a reload animation.

13. The Sedative's slowdown effect on the Infected weakens as you advance to higher levels.

14. Your Rads start at 0, and you will obtain 50 Rads each time you challenge a floor. The maximum amount of Rads you can receive is 500. Your Rads will reset at 00:00 every day.

15. The list of Tiers from highest to lowest is as follows: Royal Knight, Diamond Knight, Golden Knight, Silver Knight, Bronze Knight, Senior Knight, Trainee Knight, Rescue Team Member, Senior Member and Trainee. Players start out as Trainees. Each Tier has a benchmark floor and some have max player limits.

Royal Knight - Benchmark Floor: 100; Max Players: 25.

Diamond Knight - Benchmark Floor: 90; Max Players: 100.

Golden Knight - Benchmark Floor: 80; Max Players: 500.

Silver Knight - Benchmark Floor: 70; Max Players: 1000.

Bronze Knight - Benchmark Floor: 60; No player limit.

Senior Knight - Benchmark Floor: 45; No player limit.

Trainee Knight - Benchmark Floor: 30; No player limit.

Rescue Team Member - Benchmark Floor: 15; No player limit.

Senior Member - Benchmark Floor: 5; No player limit.

16. Players will be promoted to the Tier that corresponds to the benchmark floor they have reached. If the number of players in that Tier has reached the max limit, then you will be placed in the next Tier.

17. You will be ranked based on the highest floor you have reached. If multiple players have reached the same floor, they will be ranked according to their time spent and the order they finished in.

18Available Rewards: Floor Clearance Rewards, Rescue Event Rewards, Rescue Event Count Rewards, Real-time Tier Rewards, Weekly Tier Rewards, School Mystery Rewards, Season Tier Rewards and Season Ranking Rewards.

Floor Clearance Rewards - A reward will be sent to you by mail after you clear a floor. Clearing a floor again after the weekly reset will also grant you a reward. All progress will be reset when the season ends.

Rescue Event Rewards - Complete a Rescue Event and then clear the rest of the level to obtain a Rescue Event Reward. Rescuer Badges can be exchanged for rewards in the School Shop.

Rescue Event Count Rewards - Extra rewards will be issued when you complete 10, 20, and30 Rescue Events respectively. The event count will be reset after you've completed 30 events. It will also be reset when the season ends.

Real-time Tier Reward: - When you reach the designated Tier, you can win Tier Glow Sticks and Tier Actions as rewards. The actual rewards vary with each Tier, and will all be reset when a new season starts.

Weekly Tier Reward - Tier rewards will be sent by mail at 00:00 on Mondays. Reward mails will be automatically deleted after 7 days.

School Mystery Reward - Complete any ending to get the School Mystery Reward. You can only get this reward once per season.

Season Tier Reward - Season Tier Rewards will be sent by mail at 24:00 on the last day of the season. The reward will depend on the Tier you have reached at that point. The reward mail will be deleted after 14 days.

Season Rank Reward - The top 3 players will receive an Exclusive Special Backpack at 24:00 on the last day of the season. At the same time, statues of them will be erected in Hope 101 and exclusive posters of them will be posted in all Camps. Both the statues and the posters will stay up until the next season starts. Reward mails will be deleted after 14 days.


Rescue Events/School Shop

1. A Rescue Event is unlocked upon clearing Floors 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 respectively. Up to 5 Rescue Events can be refreshed every day.

2. Rescue Events consist of Radiation Clean-Up, Rescue Information Recovery, Radioactive Material Gathering, Rescue Operations and more. When you complete a Rescue Event and clear the rest of the level, you'll get a Rescuer Badge.

3. Rescue Events are refreshed at 00:00 every day. When the floors are reset, the Rescue Events will be adjusted according to the new highest floor available.

4. Extra rewards will be issued when you complete 10, 20, and30 Rescue Events respectively. The event count will be reset after you've completed 30 events. It will also be reset when the season ends.

5. When challenging floors with Rescue Events, you won't gain any Rads.

6. The School Shop is only available while Death High is open.

7. Items in the School Shop can be purchased with Rescuer Badges. Your Tier determines which items you can purchase.

8. At the end of the season, your leftover Rescuer Badges will be converted into New Dollars.


Hero's Blessing

1. During the Season, Mayor Justin will build exclusive statues of the top three players in the daily rankings. These statues will be built in Hope 101 and the Camps. The statues' owners will be able to change their statues' pose, signature and inscription.

2. You can get a Hero's Blessing by leaving a Like on a statue. You can Like each statue once every day. Every Like you leave has a chance of earning you a reward from the Commerce Bureau.

3. A Hero's Blessing increases your HP and the damage you deal, as well as reducing the damage you take. The further you are from the highest floor your Hero reached the previous day, the greater the effect of the blessing. If the floor difference is too small, then no bonuses will be granted. The effect of the blessing will last until 00:00 on the day it is received.

4. It is only active when you are challenging the floors.

5. Players must reach Gathering, Crafting and Combat Level 20 to leave Likes.

6. The statues will be updated at 00:00 every day, after which the top three players will receive New Dollars. The amount of New Dollars they receive is based on the number of Likes their statues have received. Up to 10,000 New Dollars can be obtained this way every day. No New Dollars will be granted for this after the season ends.

7. After the season ends, the statues in the Camps will be removed. The ones in Hope 101 will be set as those of the top three players in the overall season rankings, and will remain that way until the start of the next season.


Floor Dash

1. This season will feature a fixed floor based on the final floor from the last Death High season for Survivors to challenge.

2. You can choose Floor Dash to challenge higher floors directly. If successful, you will receive all the floor rewards from your current floor to the target floor, as well as an amount of Rads equal to the number of floors challenged multiplied by 50; If you fail, you will receive 50 Rads.

3. Floors with Special Infected cannot be dashed through. You have to challenge them in the normal way.


[Death High Cert]

1. The Death High Cert. will be available when Death High is open. You can access it on the Benefits page.

2. You can increase your Death High Cert. level by gaining Cert EXP from either daily quests or weekly quests listed in the Cert. The quests can only be repeated a certain number of times. There's also a limit to how much EXP you can gain from these quests in total every week.

3. Reach certain Cert Levels to claim corresponding rewards. The Explorer version of the Cert can be obtained for free. The Upgraded version can be unlocked by purchasing it.

4. Players can claim a free EXP pack every day. You can also directly purchase more EXP. EXP gained through these means will not count towards the weekly EXP limit.

5. The daily quests are refreshed at 3:00 AM every day. The weekly quests are refreshed at 00:00 every Sunday.



1. New limited outfit——Set Sail is available!

2. You can choose another 3 players to form a HeatAway team. Complete corresponding quests to gain rewards.

3. Obtain the infected resources that Scientia needs on the corresponding map and submit them for rewards

4. Open a gift box to receive random rewards. You'll receive a certain amount of New Dollars every time you open a gift box.

5. From July 30rd to August 6th, 2020, Lucky Gift Box limited present!

6. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them! After completing the specified Training Quests, Survivors will get Mastery and Summer Conch. Summer Conch can be redeemed for valuable items on the Caravan Market. When all the training quests are completed, they can be reset, but only once. After the reset, there will be new training quests and new quest rewards. Completing training quests will also award Survivors with extra Truck Diesel. Survivors can tap and hold the drive button in the "Caravan Support" game mode to drive the Caravan support truck to its destination using Truck Diesel. Once Survivors arrive at the destination, the Caravan will present Survivors with a grand prize! After helping the Caravan deliver the materials to the destination, Survivors can begin the next Support round. In the second round of support, Survivors can choose what kind of reward they want to receive from the support quest. The Caravan needs your help, Survivors! Hurry!


[Drone System Improvements]

1. Overall improvements of Hangar system

(1) The Hangar screen has been improved and now players can view drone information more conveniently.

(2) Improved drone interaction buttons on the main screen. Now players can release a drone more conveniently.

(3) Added an "Enhance Hangar" system, which works to improve drone attributes. Any drone in the Hangar can enjoy attribute benefits.


2. Drone Equipment Optimization

(1) Optimized the display order of Drone Modules on the Gear Workstation.

(2) On the Gear Workstation > Equip Drone screen, players can select the Modules which have a Formula but haven't been crafted to assemble a drone. The display on the right of the screen has also been optimized. Now it's more convenient to make comparisons between different Drone Modules.

(3) On the Gear Workstation > Equip Drone screen, there's now a Smart Equip button. Smart Equip can automatically pick out the highest-rated configuration to assemble a drone.

(4) When leaving the Equip Drone screen, the previous selected Drone Modules will be kept.


3. Drone Combat Ability Improvements

(1) Improved the behavior of drones. Now when encountering enemies, drones have better survivability.

(2) Added a new skill "Guardian" for Combat Drones: When the owner is pinned down by a Mutant Beetle, they can summon their drone to attack it.

(3) Added a new skill "Rescue" for Self-destruct Drones: When the owner is grabbed by an Infected, they can summon their drone to help them quickly break free.

(4) The Durability loss of drones in Area Operations is reduced by 50%.


4. Drone Information Display Improvements

(1) On the Damage Stats panel of Area Operation (unlocked at Gathering/Combat Lv. 25 or above), the DPS Ratio of drones has been added.

(2) Adjusted drone's attack trajectory. Now players can see the damage dealt by their drones.

(3) Added a drone location notice on the main interface, which is displayed when the drone is out of sight (can be turned off in [Settings]).

(4) Added a drone location display on the mini map.


5. Changes to Drone Module Ratings

1. In order to optimize "Smart Equip", the basic rating score of Intermediate, Advanced, Premium, Super and Ultimate modules has been improved (attributes not changed).

2. The new Drone Module ratings also apply to the Drone Modules that have been crafted before the update. There will be a slight delay on the rating update for Drone Modules for sale in Trade City. Their ratings can be updated immediately if they are put up for sale again.


[Photo Mode Improvements]

1. Added day and night mode. Now players can freely adjust the day and night time and can also use flashes.

2. Now you can use solo and two-player emotes in photo mode.

3. Players can now hide game world elements like other players, pets, NPCs, etc. when taking photos.

4. Added studio shooting mode. In the studio, players are free to choose their vehicles and exclusive outfit backgrounds to take photos, upload them and then share them with others.

5. Now players' personal album can save up to 11 photos, the display order of which can be adjusted. It's also possible to share photos to the chat channel.


[Camp Optimization]

1. A new "Leave Camp" button has been added on the Camp Data Center screen in the Camp's Town Hall. After tapping on the Confirm button, players can follow the guiding line to the Crazy Huntress to process their Camp departure request. At the same time, the Crazy Huntress will remind players of their unprocessed Camp Affairs, helping them deal with them accordingly.

2. Added "Mayorship Transfer" in Camp. From Camp Data Center > Members, Mayors can select an eligible member to transfer their Mayorship to. To transfer Mayorship, the requirements below should be met: The selected citizen must have been in the Camp for more than 7 days, or have over 50,000 of paid tax. There can then be no Mayorship transfer (including a Mayor choosing to transfer their Mayorship or an Acting Mayor becoming a Mayor) in the Camp in the past 30 days.


[Cohabitation Optimization]

1. For two players in Cohabitation, if one player leaves the Camp regardless of any reason, they will enter a 72-hour separation buffer period.

2. During the separation buffer period, the two players' Cohabitation duration record will be kept and they can still share Map Reward Quests, complete Cohabitation Daily Quests and restore their clothes' durability by hugging each other. However, other Cohabitation benefits are no longer available.

3. During the separation buffer period, they can resume their Cohabitation by re-signing the Cohabitation Agreement without a 48-hour Cohabitation limit, and can continue to enjoy all the benefits it offers.

4. Expiration of the separation buffer period or any Cohabitation Agreement with a third party signed by one of the two players during the separation buffer period will end this period early and terminate all benefits it offers.


[Other Content and New Rules]

1. Optimized the presentation of the Formula Compilation. Now you can sort its content by skin or gear type.

2. Added a compilation for Drone Chips. Now you can view more Drone Chip-related info.

3. A difficulty filter has been added to the team-up list in Camp Challenge Arena.

4. Optimized the presentation of the Quest panel. Adjusted the location of the speaker icon.

5. Adjusted the recommended price display of custom items (Gear, Drones, and Blueprints) in Trade City so that it represents the market price more accurately.

6. Fixed the issue where the sniper talent "Fight to Win or Die" couldn't be triggered in some situations.

7. Decreased the strength of the moving Raiders on the plaza in the Darkest Prison stage.

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