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Maintenance Update 06/24

2020-06-24 share:
[Camp Challenge Arena]
1. Camp Challenge Arena is available to play from 19:00-22:00 every Friday. Survivors from all Camps can team up to participate.
2. Survivors can team up with any other Survivors, but they can only enjoy attribute bonuses if they team up with the Survivors from the same Camp.
3. Based on Survivors' Combat Level, Survivors challenge their corresponding Challenge Arena difficulty level. When in a team, the Survivor with the highest Combat Level determines the difficulty.
4. After a successful defense of waves 3/5/8/10/13, Survivors can get battle supplies and can also select different supplies based on their conditions.
5. After a successful defense of waves 5/10/15, Survivors can get rich rewards. Survivors can only get each reward once for each event.
6. For each successful defense of a wave of the Infected, Survivors will earn some points. The higher the difficulty of the Challenge Arena, the more points are earned.
7. Camp points are the total of all Survivors' points in the Camp. The final Camp Challenge Arena Rankings are based on Camp points.
8. After the end of the event, all Survivors participating in the event will receive additional rewards based on their Camp Rankings. The rewards will be sent to Survivor's mailboxes.
9. Survivors in the top Camp will also receive an exclusive title reward based on their rank in the Camp. The Survivor's Camp rankings can be viewed on the Call-board in the Camp.
1. New limited outfit——Jungle Drill is available!
2. Tribute to the Brave: During the Dragon Boat Festival, a mysterious young man dared to challenge the Commerce Bureau and the Mercenaries! Investigate the story of the young man to receive rich rewards like Mastery, Formula Shards, and more!
3. During 6.28-7.4, when 3+ players complete an Area Operation, a random player from among those that did 20%+ output will be selected to become a Lucky Star!#rLucky Stars can refresh rewards in Ownerless Treasure Chests and directly receive the refreshed reward!
4. During the Rice Dumplings event, you can collect Dragon Boat Festival ingredients to make Rice Dumplings. By participating in daily activities, which include gathering, killing monsters, and fishing. Caravan agent Rachel will be collecting Rice Dumplings in Hope 101 and Camp Downtown. You can make Rice Dumplings and donate up to 10 of them to Rachel every day.2. For every Rice Dumpling you donate, Rachel will reward you with a precious gift from the Caravan.
5. During the Green Plants Investigation event (June 24 to July 8, 2020), you can gain Investigation Points through gathering and harvesting, You gain 1 point every time you obtain seeds while gathering in the Wilderness;When harvesting in your Manor, every crop harvested gives you 5 points;You gain 2 points every time you help other players with watering or pest control;You gain 1 point every time you water or trim your Love Tree;You gain 5 points every time you harvest your Love Tree;You can gain up to 40 points every day. When your daily Investigation Points reach certain amounts, you'll be able to claim the corresponding Point Rewards.
6. During the event, you can exchange Wormwood Leaves for 100 New Dollars, as well as a chance to take part in the treasure hunt, which has the chance of granting you rich rewards from the prize pool.
7. From June 30th to July 8th, Purchasing gift boxes with checks during the event will grant you a chance of getting a special reward.
8. From July 2nd to July 8th, Limited-time Furniture Pack is available in the Mall Summer Offer.
9. Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Wormwood Leaves. Wormwood Leaves can be redeemed for valuable items in the Caravan Market for a limited time.
10. Choo Choo Train Chest is available at the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to obtain rare items like Sakura Train Engine, Sakura Train Car, Alloy Metal Train Engine, Alloy Metal Train Car, and more.
[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Lowered the strength of the Special Infected in Desolate Wasteland and Abandoned Power Plant. Electric Nets Survivors brought into the scenario can also block Desolate Wasteland Special Infected's ultimate skill.
2. Added Building One-Tap Enhance feature: You can now quickly enhance your Manor or Vault after reaching Manor Lv. 6.
3. Double Manor Blueprint feature: Players can craft Double Blueprints in Double Manors and sell the blueprints in Trade City.
4. Improved the pathfinding of the Imperial Master Sergeant in Highland Factory.
5. Added new Friendliness Phase: Match Made in Heaven, True Love, and Friends for Life. Added two-player action Massage and Help me up.

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