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Maintenance Update 06/11

2020-06-11 share:

[Camp Trap Infections]
1. The Trap Infections activity now covers two new areas: Desolate Wasteland and Abandoned Power Plant, with new Special Infected lurking inside. Please proceed with caution.
2. At 3:00am every Monday, two areas will be selected at random from among the following: Mine, Mystery Woods, Desolate Wasteland, and Abandoned Power Plant. These will be the target areas for that Thursday and Sunday.
3. The Mayor and Camp members with permission can refresh the target area selection, but only once a week, and not on the day the activity opens.
4. Helena Wayne will call a helicopter between 18:00-22:50 on Thursdays and Sundays, and Camp members can take the helicopter at the Vault Door to go to the Special Area and challenge the Special Infected.
5. Each time you challenge the Special Infected, you will only have 20 minutes. The Mayor and Camp members with permission to do so will decide when to start the challenge time.
6. If you defeat the Special Infected within 4 minutes on the highest level, the level of the Special Infected you challenge next time will be 3 levels higher. If you defeat the Special Infected within 8 minutes, the level of the Special Infected you challenge next time will be 2 levels higher. If you take longer than 8 minutes to defeat the Special Infected, the level of the Special Infected you challenge next time will be 1 level higher.
7. The Mayor and Camp member with permission to do so can lower the Camp Boss level in the next challenge. The maximum level difference allowed is 9. Level adjustment is not available on the day the activity opens. Completing challenges with lowered levels will not affect the level of your next challenge, nor will it affect your current highest available level

[Ownerless Treasure Chest]
1. Ownerless Treasure Chests are now divided into 3 different qualities: Rare, Precious and Epic. When a team completes an Area Operation, an Ownerless Treasure Chest of random quality will drop. Each team member will have their own copy of the chest to open.
2. Items such as Nanoplastic and Special Research Materials have been added to Ownerless Treasure Chests. Use them to upgrade your gear!
3. Weekly Missions will only drop Precious and Epic Ownerless Treasure Chests.
4. The higher the Ownerless Treasure Chest's quality, the more chance it has of containing high-quality rewards. The chest-opening experience and the reward display screen have been improved.
5. Limited-Time Accessory Drop Rate Boost: From June 11th to June 23rd, there's a higher chance of obtaining exclusive accessories from Ownerless Treasure Chests upon completing an Area Operation with a team in Fall Secret Path, Golden Desert, Highland Factory, Black Mire, Hillside Stronghold, or Submerged Island Reef.

[Caravan 101]
Event time:  6.11-6.23.
1. Brand new outfit - Wind Surfer has arrived in the Mall. Purchase it during Training to enjoy a limited-time discount
2. Survivors who have reached Gathering, Crafting and Combat Mastery Lv. 10 can perform daily sign-ins. After completing a sign-in, you can claim the set reward corresponding to that date as well as an extra cumulative mystery reward; The extra cumulative rewards can only be claimed after you've completed your 7th daily sign-in.
3. Post photos every day to participate in the Sweet Moment event. You can Like photos or send Glow Sticks to other players' photos. Each Like or Glow Stick a photo receives will increase its Popularity. You can receive rewards once your Popularity reaches the Stage Goal every day. Players who rank in the Top 10 for Popularity will receive extra rewards. 
4. At 3:00am either the Horse Race, Snowball Fight or Diving will be selected as the event for that day's Honor Contest. You can get points each time you complete the contest, and when your points reach 100/200 you can get Point Rewards. At 22:30 every day, the top 50 players on the personal rankings will receive personal Ranking Rewards via mail. The top 50 players with the most points will add their points to the Camp Rankings. At 22:30 every day, all players in the top 10 Camps will receive Camp Ranking Rewards. The players from the Camp that reaches 1st place will also receive the title bHonor Contest Champion for 1 day.
5. During the event, you can exchange Lucky Point Coins for 100 New Dollars, and you'll also get a chance to draw for great rewards from gift boxes
6. During 6.18-6.23, Purchasing gift boxes with checks during the event will grant you a chance of getting a special reward.
7. During the Double Training Festival event, Caravan 101 will be divided into General Training and Duo Training. Invite a friend to train with you!

[Vehicle Optimization]
1. We added roommate options to vehicle driving and riding permissions.
2. When driving or riding in a vehicle, it's now possible to gather Hemp, open treasure chests, perform first aid, etc., when the vehicle is stationary.
3. When driving or riding in a vehicle, if you use meds or eat food, you won't be interrupted even if you move or get attacked.
4. We optimized collision between vehicles and collectable trees and stones for a smoother driving experience.
5. We reduced the length of the animation that plays when getting into vehicles when resetting or driving them.

[Mystic Creature in St. Rona]
A Mystic Creature has appeared on St. Rona. Go eliminate it, Survivors! The Mystic Creature is extremely dangerous, and it will constantly respawn during the event. Assemble a team and go together. Do not undertake this task alone.

[Accessory System Optimization]
1. After reaching Gathering Level 38, you'll be able to access the "Transfer" function on the accessory enhancement screen. With this function, you can transfer EXP materials from one accessory to another.
2. You can now configure the location of the accessory exclusive action button.
3. We changed the style of the icon used when dismantling accessories in the backpack and added a text notification.
4. We added a "Don't match" notice in the Accessory Set Effect Index.

[New Area Operation Optimization]
1. Submerged Island Reef:
(1) We fixed the issue with the environment that occurred during the Pharmacist boss fight in Submerged Island Reef.
(2) We fixed the behavior of the Infected on the lab island. Now they will attack Barricades and other cover emplacements.
2. Darkest Prison:
(1) We optimized the behavior of certain monsters in Darkest Prison.
(2) We reduced the patrolling speed of the Alert Drones. It's now possible to navigate through them without taking damage.

[Dawn District - Victory Arena]
1. We added Ivan, a Federation warrior. The first successful challenge every day will grant you Ticket Stubs.
2. We added a function enabling captains to quickly call teammates to the arena.
3. We added a few cover emplacements in the Victory Arena.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Merchants have started buying fish such as High-Fin Banded Shark, Anchovy and Ocean Sunfish. You can now sell these fish.
2. We lowered the strength of the Treasure Hunter Squad above Lv. 70 in Farstar City.

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