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Maintenance Update 05/28

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[Blazing Frontline]
1. Tectonic motion has given the city of St. Rona a whole new volcanic landscape! Lava is pouring out, and the volcano may erupt at any time! The Scientia and Commerce Bureau members who arrived in St. Rona in advance have sent a distress signal, and the Vanguard has made provisional repairs to the route leading to St. Rona. The uncharted land of the volcanic area is now open to you...
2. Each rescue stage has a stage rescue goal. Fulfill the rescue goal within the time limit to successfully complete the rescue. Success or failure will directly affect what the next stage will be. Will the world of LifeAfter be saved, or will it be engulfed by lava? Your actions will decide how this ends. The decision for each stage will be synchronized on all servers before they all progress to the next rescue stage together.
3. Participate in Blazing Frontline game modes to obtain Red-Hot Copper Coins, which can be exchanged for various rare resources in the Supply Warehouse. There's a chance of getting the Assault Howitzer Formula, Type 95 Assault Rifle Formula, Crimson Armor Formula, Premium Goggles Formula, and more.
4. During the event, Personal Contribution, Camp Contribution, and Server Contribution will all be ranked based on the number of Red-Hot Copper Coins obtained. Rare rewards such as exclusive titles and All-Server Speakers will be granted to high-ranked players. The No. 1 server on the total contribution leaderboard will receive an exclusive title reward and have the news announced to all servers.
5. Red-Hot Copper Coins and some other items will be automatically converted to New Dollars at 3:00 AM two days after the event ends and sent to you via mail. Please exchange them promptly for materials in the Supply Warehouse.

[St. Rona]
1. After the Blazing Frontline event starts, Survivors with Gathering Level 35 or more can enter St. Rona by helicopter. You can choose between different Map Levels according to your own attributes. Different Map Levels will have different Specialties.
2. The Salty Wasteland with its natural hot springs, the Abandoned Village, the Forest on the outskirts of the city, the hazardous Mysterious Grotto, and the city of St. Rona itself at the foot of the volcano: this ash-covered landscape awaits your exploration.
3. The volcano is active and erupts from time to time. During eruption, there will be falling rocks and the lava level in low-lying areas of the city will rise, so please watch out.

[Levin City Dawn District]
1.Faction Surge: The Dawn District of Levin City is occupied by Scientia, the Commerce Bureau, the Church and some Imperial Deserters. All four forces provide refuges for the Survivors. Claiming and completing Reward Quests from the refuges can increase the Favorability level of the corresponding faction. The higher the Favorability level, the higher the discount you can enjoy when purchasing items in the corresponding faction's shop.
2.Encounter Quests: When wandering the Dawn District, you may receive requests from the people of different factions. Helping them will grant you Favorability for that faction. When completing tasks, you can discuss payment with them. Try to bargain for more rewards when finishing your jobs!
3.Victory Arena: A fair and square arena built by all factions together. Challenge the Elites every day to get rich rewards, or challenge other Survivors in a solo duel!
4.Abandoned Fair: A free market created by the underground forces in the Dawn District where you can use Ticket Stubs to buy various rare materials and even bargain with the vendors!
5.Unnamed Mysterious Island: Use Ticket Stubs to play Spin & Win, Marbles, and Target Practice on the Mysterious Island. Good luck!
6.City Memory: Snippets of memories can be found in the Dawn District. Collect them by taking photos!

[Exclusive accessories]
1. There are 4 types of exclusive accessories: Light Weapon-exclusive accessories, Heavy Weapon-exclusive accessories, Non-firearm-exclusive accessories and Armor-exclusive accessories. All 4 types of gear can be equipped with 3 accessories to improve their attributes. Accessories enhance all corresponding gear once installed. For example, after you install 3 accessories for Light Weapons, the UZI SMG and AK47 can both be enhanced. You won't have to configure the UZI SMG and AK47 separately, which is very convenient.
2. Each type of gear can activate a set effect and special appearance after installing all 3 type-exclusive accessories. When the types don't match (e.g., installing a Light Weapon stock on a Heavy Weapon), only the base attributes of the accessory will take effect. No Set Effects and special appearances will be activated.
3. Set Effects include Exclusive Attributes, Exclusive Actions and Exclusive Tags. Among them,
Exclusive Attributes: Activate when at least 2 Green or better accessories of the correct type are installed;
Exclusive Actions: Activate when at least 3 Green or better accessories of the correct type are installed;
Exclusive Tags: Activate when at least 3 Blue or better accessories are installed.
4. The effects of Exclusive Attributes, Exclusive Actions and Exclusive Tags correlate to the Grade of the accessories (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, etc.). The higher the Grade, the stronger the effects. The type-correct accessory with the lowest grade will be the determining factor.
For example, with a combination of a Grade Ⅰ Light Muzzle (Green), a Grade Ⅱ Light Sight (Green) and a Grade Ⅱ Light Stock (Green), you can activate the Exclusive Attributes that requires "at least 2 Grade Ⅱ Green accessories", and the Exclusive Actions that require "at least 3 Grade Ⅰ Green accessories".
5. The effect of the Exclusive Tag correlates to the Color of the accessories. 3 Blue accessories and 3 Purple accessories will activate different Exclusive Tag effects.
6. The Grade (Grade Ⅰ, Ⅱ, etc.) and Color (Purple/Blue/Green) are backwards compatible.
For example, you can activate effects that require "at least 3 Green accessories" with "2 Green accessories and 1 Blue accessory". Likewise, you can activate effects that require "at least 3 Grade Ⅰ accessories" with "2 Grade Ⅰ accessories and 1 Grade Ⅱ accessory". So don't worry about losing your favorite effects when swapping your old accessories with new, better ones.
7. Participate in Area Operations for a chance to obtain exclusive accessories.

[New Level]
1. An Advanced Expert can now be promoted to an Senior Expert when all three of their Mastery Levels reach Lv. 80. This will give you greater Profession Talent abilities.
2. Lv. 17 Manor: Can be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 85. After the upgrade, the Basic Structure Score and Furniture Score will increase, Ultimate Drone Energy Core will be unlocked and rLv. 6 Upgrade Reagen will become available.
3. Lv. 18 Manor: Can be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 90. After the upgrade, the Basic Structure Score and Furniture Score will increase, a new Manor skin and Ultimate Drone Navigator will be unlocked.
4. Your original excess Mastery will be preserved after the new Mastery Level has been implemented. After your Mastery Level reaches 90, your excess Mastery will continue to be converted to supplies.

1. New limited outfit——Deep Abyss is available!
2. Sign in every day from May 28th to June 10th for great rewards.
3. Complete certain quests to obtain rewards including Wish Letters. Wish Letters can be used to make wishes at the Wishing Tree in Hope 101 and Camp. Spend 1 Wish Letter to make one of the three wishes.
 5. You can access the Wishing Tree from 8:00 to 23:00 during the event. At 23:00 every day, 3 lucky players will be picked for each wish type and have their wishes granted. The more wishes of the same type you make, the higher your chances of that wish type being granted.
4. Brand-new Lv. 80 Gear added to the Formula Archive.  Half price for first 5x Fusion every day!
5. New Outfit - Deep Abyss Collection is here. Command the scene with your stylish presence!
6. Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Medal. Training Medal can be redeemed for valuable items in the Caravan Market for a limited time.

[Island Reef]
Scientia has discovered a mysterious distress signal originating from a desert island out at sea. According to the surviving researchers, the island is home to a secret lab, which seems to be carrying out some kind of mysterious experiments. Scientia is organizing Survivors to go to the island to investigate the truth.
1. The first time you clear the operation each day, you will receive a Clearance Reward and an extra Rating Reward. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once a day and is reset at 03:00 every morning.
2. During the operation, ammo cost and depletion of gear Durability are both reduced by 90%. Durability loss when you're knocked unconscious is also reduced by 90%.

[Darkest Prison]
Ever since Oades escaped the train station with Olivia, the Third Caravan has been following the clues he left behind. Finally, traces of Oades have been discovered near the prison in Levin City Dawn District. This is a rare opportunity, so get ready to fight. The outcome of this operation directly determines whether Olivia can be rescued or not.
1. Clearing the operation for the first time each week will grant a Clearance Reward. Each clearance will also grant an additional Rating Reward. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once a week, and is reset at 3:00 a.m. every Sunday.
2. During the operation, the depleting rate of gear Durability and ammo cost is reduced by 90%. The gear Durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%.

[Growth Boost]
1. In order to help improve Survivors' quality of life and progress, the Trade Federation has decided to assist them by providing certain resources as material support.
 2. When a Survivor's Mastery reaches certain levels, they will receive corresponding rewards.
 3.To help you understand how to progress, the Federation has prepared detailed instructions for each reward stage. Please consult them carefully.
4. Apart from receiving rewards through this interface, you will continue to receive material support from the Federation when it is needed. Please keep an eye on your mailbox. P.S.: For some rewards, if you have previously claimed them by mail, they will not be sent to you here.

[Stage Clear Rewards]
To help you improve your combat abilities, Scientia will help you clear up the battlefield after Area Operations and obtain more Supply Rewards.
1. New rewards for completed Area Operations: After you complete certain Area Operations, Scientia will help you clean up the battlefield and search for ownerless Treasure Chests. Open these Treasure Chests for a chance to obtain random Exclusive Accessories, Mechanical Parts or Armor Parts.
2. You can view specific reward details under Schedule > Area Operations.

[Encounter Quests]
1. If you have reached Gathering Level 30 or more, Area Encounter Quests will become available. These quests will be randomly triggered in Levin City Dawn District and St. Rona. Complete them to get Duty Points and other rewards.
2.The number of Encounter Quests you can complete per day is limited. Once the limit is reached, no more Encounter Quests will be triggered that day. The limit will increase along with your Gathering Level.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. We improved Portable Formula: if you become unconscious, any Portable Formula crafting you have ongoing will be automatically canceled. Non-Infected materials will be returned to your backpack. If your backpack is full, they will be sent to you by mail.
2. You can now obtain and unlock new recipes, ingredients and fish in the Dawn District and St. Rona through gathering, market exchange, fishing, etc.
3. We added a function that lets you save your custom controls to your account. Please set them in Controls > Customize.
4. We increased the max stack count of Optional Gathering Lunchbox and Optional Combat Lunchbox to 20.
5. The difficulty of Levin City Train Station and International Hotel has been reduced slightly.
6. We improved the layout of the Schedule page.

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