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Master the Ice Hazard in Just Three Minutes: A Detailed Guide for Beginners

2023-08-14 share:

In the world of LifeAfter

A new PVP mode 'Ice Hazard' has been introduced

Today, Lucina brings you a step-by-step beginner's guide

To surviving in the 'Ice Hazard'

Check it out!


Gameplay Introduction


Everyday from 18:00 to 24:00

Players at Gathering Level 40 or above can participate in the Ice Hazard

Each game consists of 24 Survivors organized into 6 teams

They venture into the abandoned Jakolin Fort to search for supplies


Within this mode

Survivors cannot bring their own gear

They need to loot gear within the game

Attributes balancing are applied to all participants

Creating a fair competition environment


Survivors can click on

Quick Travel of Ice Hazard

to quickly join matches


In-game Progression


1. Collect resources


(1) Open loot chests



Supply Chests within the scene

Contain useful items like weapons and medical kits

These chests emit a distinct glow when approached

Keep an eye out for them

And gather the contents!


(2) Item Pickup



After opening a chest

you can pick up desired items

from the supply list


Survivors can swipe right

to replace their current weapon

with a new one


All items can be marked

By holding down on them

Alerting teammates to pick up


Don't hog all the items for yourself

Equip your entire team

To succeed in intense competition!


(3) Item Discarding



Players can open their backpack

Select items, and click the button on the graph to discard

Or use the 'Item Management -> Organize' option

Check items, and then click 'Discard'

To drop unwanted items on the ground

This allows you to provide teammates with gear

Or dispose of unnecessary items



Items brought in by a configured Backpack

Will have Imperial-certified designs

Cannot be picked up by teammates after being discarded


(4) Defeating Guardian Creatures



Supply Chests come in various shapes

Each containing

Different quantities and qualities of items

Pay attention to the map's monster indicators

Which mark monster hordes

Yellow and red indicators mark elite monsters

While blue indicators mark special Infected on the map

They guard higher-quality Supply Chests

Defeating them yields richer rewards!


(5) Advanced Resource Zones

Blue circles on the map

Denote advanced resource zones


A randomly spawned chest

Guarantees a purple-grade item drop


2. Team Communication


(1) Utilize Quick Marking


Press the mark button

Beside the mini-map at the upper right corner

To mark a location where your aim is

All teammates can see your markings

Different markings appear

When targeting enemies or monsters

Please use this function

To communicate more with teammates~


(2) Use Quick Communication



Select from a range of preset phrases

By clicking the dialogue button

Beside the mini-map

This spares you from typing

And makes the communication with teammates easier


3. Safe Zone


(1) About Safe Zones



As time passes, the safe area

In the game scene shrinks

Due to intensifying cold

Players outside the safe zone

Will continuously suffer frostbite

Leading to a gradual decrease in health

Ensure you stay within the safe zone


The white circle on the map

Designates the next safe zone's boundaries

Survivors can plan your actions

Based on this circle's location


(2) Shrinking of the Safe Zone



When the safe zone starts to shrink

A clear screen prompt appears

And purple effects begin to flicker

On the outer edge of the mini-map

Survivors should move quickly

Into the white circle to stay safe


4. Scouting Points



The black radar icon on the map

Indicates the location of scouting points

After using the scouting point radar

You can scan for opponents' positions

Within a certain range for a limited time

Nearby foes are marked

With red arrows on the mini-map

When entering a radar's detection range

Activated by other players

The screen would display a warning

"Your position is revealed by radar!"

To warn that your position has been revealed


5. Evac Points


(1) Evac Point Respawn



Evac Points

Respawn randomly within the safe zone

At specific times during the game

When new Evac Points appear

NPC prompts appear at the bottom



As the game progresses

The safe zone shrinks

Increasing the chances of finding an Evac Point

Thus, surviving until late game

Greatly improves your odds of successful evacuation


(2) Finding Evac Points



When you're near an Evac Point

A prompt appears on the screen stating

"Evac Point signal detected nearby."

Simultaneously, the Evac Point

Emits a blue laser beam into the sky

Aiding precise location determination


(3) Use Evac Points



After a teammate interacts with an Evac Point

The laser changes to yellow

And waiting for 30 seconds

A countdown progresses at the top center of the screen

When the countdown ends

All standing teammates

Within the Evac Point's aura can evacuate


6. Elimination


(1) Elimination Status



When a player's health or sanity reaches zero

They enter a downed state

Continuous enemy attacks while downed

Result in elimination

Teammates can revive a downed player

To return to normal state


(2) Gear Drops Upon Elimination


After elimination

Only items with phosphorescent coatings

Can be brought out the mode from the backpack

All other gear drops

And can be picked up by other players


That's all for the in-game guide for the Ice Hazard mode

Scan to download the game