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[10.7] Announcement of Draw Probability

2021-09-30 share:

Lucky Gift Box
Some of the items are limited to the maximum number of times you can get them or if they are not in the prize pool, their probability will be proportionally divided among other items.

item chance
Random Outfit Gift Box 0.70%
Crystal Unihorn Statue*1 0.88%
Mango Cake Backpack*1 1.17%
Lv. 4 Random Component*1 3.38%
Formula Shard*888 2.35%
Virtuoso - Sky Blue*1 7.04%
Virtuoso - Sprout Green*1 7.04%
Formula R&D Data*80 8.80%
Gold Bars*12000 8.80%
Golden Maple Leaf*240 8.80%
Lv.2 Random Component*1 13.20%
Lv.2 Random Film*2 13.20%
Black Fiberglass+*4 3.52%
Nanoplastic Optional Chest*1 3.52%
Skill Point*3500 8.80%
New Dollar*5000 8.80%


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