LifeAfter x RESIDENT EVIL Joint Event Launch

Ada Wong Figurine

Crossover Limited Picture Frame

Survivor Essentials Kit

Crossover Limited Backpack

LifeAfter will recreate part of the scene of Raccoon City Department from RESIDENT EVIL RE2 and place in it some secret crossover missions, combining iconic elements like the Goddess puzzle with the LifeAfter original gameplay.

The Umbrella Corporation has extended its reach into the LifeAfter land. Survivors must unite as one to tackle the new crisis.Survive From The Frightening Evil.

In the RESIDENT EVIL series, four iconic bosses left the most striking impression on players: Nemesis(RESIDENT EVIL RE3), Tyrant(RESIDENT EVIL RE2), Executioner Majini(RESIDENT EVIL 5), and G (Stage 2)(RESIDENT EVIL RE2). They will all appear in the collaboration event version to bring you the most exciting and unprecedented experience.

Listen, the footsteps are approaching. Is it an illusion? There seems to be something staring coldly back from the dark. Are you sensing it as well? The imminent nightmare.

Outfits from classic characters of the RESIDENT EVIL series such as Ada Wong and Leon Scott Kennedy will be introduced during the joint event. Which of them are you most looking forward to playing in LifeAfter? There will also be special event items designed from classic elements of RESIDENT EVIL, including zombie dog skin and motorcycles that will neatly incorporate those elements into the LifeAfter world.

Please be patient and wait for the surprises we have prepared for you. The door to Raccoon Police Department will be open on August 27.


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