LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie Pre-Registration Starts!

people completed reservation



*Please refer to the instructions in game and
charge center for further information


01 Cockpit

The core area is where you could pilot the ship. Let's chase the beacons on the endless sea with the guidance of compass.

02 Construction Area

An area where you could build freely. Arrange the furniture as you wish and create your own shelter at sea.

03 Fishing Area

An area where you could enjoy fishing and obtain rare fish resources.

04 Salvage Rack

A crucial area to obtain marine resources. By making the utmost of the doomsday marine resources, you may be able to find some unexpected surprises?




From 19:00:00, July 31,
to 08:00:00, August 12 (UTC+8)


1. Click the "Register now" button
2. Log in with social media account
3. Successfully registered
* Each social media account can only register once. Repeated registrations are invalid.


Registration count reaches 30,000 and
「New Dollars*12000,Grilled Puffer Fish*2」
will be unlocked

Registration count reaches 50,000 and
「Skill Points*8000,Pacemaker*1」
will be unlocked

Registration count reaches 100,000 and
「Skill Points*10000, Formula Shard*100」
will be unlocked

Registration count reaches 150,000 and
「iPad mini(256G) for 1 Lucky Survivors,
REDMAGIC 6S Pro for 2 Lucky Survivors」

will be unlocked and three lucky winners
will be picked and awarded


When the event ends, the unlocked benefits will be issued to every player who created the account before 23:59:59, August 19 (UTC +8) in all the servers by mail.

In-kind rewards will be drawn from the Survivors with the successful reservation after the event. Changing your name after reservation may result in being unable to issue the rewards.

Please note to check your Facebook direct message and reply to the notification of winning the in-kind rewards within 7 days. Otherwise, you will be deemed to have forfeited the prize.

Please note that the delivery of in-kind rewards may take 1~2 months.




Crystalthorn Sea
Sea of Beautiful but Dangerous Crystals

A sea of infected crystalloid.
The ice-blue crystalloid is as beautiful as jewels, but also
extremely dangerous. People who are allured by the
crystalloid's strange gleam will usher their destiny of de-
struction in the hail of the crystalloid.

Labyrinth Sea
Sea of Thick Fog That Never Lifts

A sea shrouded in mist all year round.
Compass is disfunctional here and there is nothing
but utter loneliness,
silence and an endless drifting voyage.

Eroded Reef Sea
Paradise for Foul Creatures

A sea covered with fluorescent seaweed.
The fluorescent seaweed can heal the
crystalline infection,
which leads to the gathering of the large
amount of Infected.
There are even more ferocious monsters lurking here......?

Rainbow Sea
Sea of Blazing Flames

A sea spread through with flames from the
explosion of Infected Crystals.
Staying here for a long time can cause extreme
damage and hallucination. To navigate this fiery sea, you must have enough courage and skill.

Whirlpool Sea
Sea of Death Surrounded by Vortex

A sea full of whirlpools.
If you are accidentally caught in a whirlpool,
you can't tell what is await -- some unknown experience,
or death......

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