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Maintenance Update 3/17

2023-03-16 share:

[Caravan 101]
Wonder Kingdom: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 31, the Little Prince crossover outfit - Wonder Kingdom will be available for a limited time. Purchase the outfit for a chance to get a full Credit refund.
Roses of Love: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 30, Dormant Rose Planet will be available at the entrance of each Survivor's manor. Watering the roses to earn their owner's love, which can be used to exchange for crossover exclusive items in the Love Store.
Dance Party: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 30, the mastery obtained from the Fountain Ball will be greatly increased! During the event, you will obtain 3x mastery from the Fountain Ball. Participate in the Fountain Ball multiple times during the event to obtain extra rewards;
Childhood Dream: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 30, complete daily quests to obtain painting chances. Paint a certain of times to obtain Little Prince crossover exclusive items and more!
Death High Fund: From Mar. 17 until the end of Death High, you can receive corresponding supplies when you reach different floors, and you can receive extra rich rewards after purchasing the Death High Fund.
Tour Sign-in: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 30, you'll get a chance to claim rewards every day by logging in. There's also a cumulative reward available, including Little Prince crossover exclusive items and more!
Consumer Squad: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 31, team up to form a Consumer Squad and accumulate squad points from Collection Chest to unlock rich rewards!
Duo Training: Duo Training will be available from Mar. 17 to Mar. 30. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Jingling Wind Chimes. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
Caravan Market: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 31, Ducky! Street Lamp, Ducky! Bunting and many other furniture decorations will be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market! Ducky Park Furniture Chest will also be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. Open the chest for a chance to get Park Sign Ducky!, Ducky Coco and other rare furniture.
Collection Chest: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 31, Collection Chest will be available. Survivors can exchange different amounts of Federation Checks to open Chests to obtain Spider Venom Collector's Edition Chest, Fungus Collection Optional Chest, Blade Hunter Backpack Box, LifeAfter Gold Voucher and more
Planet Tour: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 31, Planet Tour will be available. Survivors can use Federation Checks to obtain Star Flight, Ivy the Fox, Dormant Rose Planet and other rare rewards.
Coupon Shop: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 31, you can obtain LifeAfter Gold Voucher from Collection Chest and Lucky Bag and other events. You can exchange LifeAfter Gold Voucher for rare rewards
Lucky Bag: From Mar. 17 to Mar. 31, Survivors can select a certain amount of items from Top Rewards, Rare Rewards, Valuable Rewards and Common Rewards to set a Lucky Bag prize pool. Survivors can consume Jingling Wind Chime to draw items from the prize pool. Rewards will be removed from the pool when you draw them, and all of the items in the prize pool are guaranteed to be obtained within 12 draws.
Lucky Gift Box: From Mar. 23 to Apr. 6, Lucky Gift Box is available to purchase. Consume different amounts of Federation Check to obtain Strawberry Cream Box, Grape Bubbles Box, Vanilla Memory Box, Silver Armor Gibbon series Drone Formulas, War Tiger series Drone Formulas and other rare rewards

[Bounty Hunt]
1. Armor Durability has been decreased by 90% during the Bounty Hunt.
2. The way results are calculated in Bounty Hunt has been changed. Players will now receive the same rewards regardless of who defeated the Boss, and the old Points system will no longer be used.
3. There is now a finer differentiation between difficulty levels in Bounty Hunt.
4. The Bounty Hunt on Saturday and Sunday now has a special mode that requires two players to cooperate closely to earn extra rewards. Check it out!

[Feedback Improvements]
Following Survivors' feedback received from various platforms, including Directly to Dev Team, the following content will be updated this time. More updates are in the pipeline. Please stay tuned.
1. When using General Mutation Core to Star-up cores, Survivors will be prompted to confirm a second time before the Star-up begins, to prevent Survivors from accidentally upgrading the wrong item.

[Other Improvements & New Rules]
1. Team up system: We have overhauled the team up system, including the interactive elements. We have also simplified the steps required when switching quests and building new teams, making it easier for Survivors to engage in social aspects of the game. See below for details:
1) When the team up targets are Daily Missions and Weekly Missions, players can quickly locate the Flight Point of the current target, allowing the team to head to the destination quickly.
2) Added a Today's Quests Tip icon to some Area Operation team up targets, allowing Survivors to locate Today's Quests and check the current status of those quests when creating and joining teams.
3) Added a Quick Challenge button to the team up menu. When a teammate initiates a call, the team leader can start the challenge directly from the team up menu in some Area Operations.
4) Fixed certain known issues related to the team up system.
5) The team up Invitation List now displays friends’ Notes.
2. Players to click on the Avatars of players of all types to see detailed info directly from the Camp Channel.
3. Adjusted the locations of the Gear and Drone’s sharing buttons to improve user experience
4. When quickly replenishing materials and generating Gathering Lists, the amount of each item that the player already has stored in cabinets and as mail attachments will be displayed. This will allow Survivors to quickly check exactly how much of each item they already own.
5.Roommates are now prioritized on the Friend List. Players can now locate roommates more conveniently.

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