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Maintenance Update 3/3

2023-03-03 share:

[Caravan 101]
Chrono Tales: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 17, New Outfit - Chrono Tales will be available for purchase.Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action;
White Wedding: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 17, the limited-time story will be available. You've been invited to a mysterious wedding! After completing certain stages of the quest, you can claim corresponding rewards on the page.
White Valentine's Day: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 16, make White Valentine's Day desserts and gift them to your friends! Both gifting and receiving desserts will grant you White Valentine's Day Boxes, which can be opened to win the exclusive White Valentine's Day Prize.
Investigation Team: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 16, Survivors can form 4-player investigation teams and complete daily quests to boost their Investigation Score. Reach certain amounts of personal and team Investigation Scores to unlock rare rewards;
Gear Mod Offer: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 16, participate in the event quests and complete Gear modification to obtain rewards including Memory Material II, Gold Bars and more;
Duo Training: Duo Training will be available from Mar. 3 to Mar. 16. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
Caravan Market: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 17, Unicorn Carpet, Cloud Dream Wind Chime and many other furniture decorations will be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market! Sweet Dream Furniture Chest will also be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. Open the chest for a chance to get Good Night Fairy Tale Book, Cloud Dream Carriage, Cloud Hot Air Balloon and other rare furniture.
Collection Treasure Chest: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 17, Collection Treasure Chests will be available. Consume different amounts of Federation Checks and open the boxes for a chance to obtain rare items including Skin: Lead-Shove Shotgun Collector's Edition, Skin: Revolver Collector's Edition, Formula: Watchman Shield, Federation Gold Vouchers, Mutation Core - Frigid Ice Burst, Mutation Core - Blazing Chamber and more;
A Light in the Night: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 17, A Light in the Night will be available. Survivors can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive an additional Vehicle Pack, which can be opened for a chance to get special rewards, including Aquila Vehicle, Koi's Game Vehicle, Self-destruct Drone Formulas, Shining Camera Pendant, Federation Gold Vouchers and more;
Lucky Bag: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 17, Survivors can select a certain amount of items from Top Rewards, Rare Rewards, Valuable Rewards and Common Rewards to set a Lucky Bag prize pool. Survivors can consume Federation Checks to draw items from the prize pool. Rewards will be removed from the pool when you draw them, and all of the items in the prize pool are guaranteed to be obtained within 12 draws.
Coupon Shop: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 17, you can obtain Federation Gold Vouchers from A Light in the Night, Lucky Bag, Lucky Gift Box and other events. You can exchange Federation Gold Vouchers for rare items;
Consumer Squad: From Mar. 3 to Mar. 17, team up to form a Consumer Squad and accumulate squad points from Collection Chest and A Light in the Night events to unlock rich rewards!
Lucky Gift Box: From Mar. 9 to Mar. 23, Lucky Gift Box is available to purchase. Consume different amounts of LifeAfter Boxes to get new Light's Will Outfit, Laser Snake series Drone Formulas, Combat series Drone Formulas and other rewards

[All-new Season]
[Certificate is now officially available]
1. From Mar. 3, 2023 to Apr. 9, the Certificate is officially available, complete the Certificate Quests to obtain Accessory Chests and more rewards!
2. Unlock the Premium Certificate to gain the Quest Speed-up Privilege, Exclusive Outfit - Winter War, Exclusive Furniture, Advanced Accessory Chests, and more rewards!

[Death High Season 14]:
1. From Mar. 3, 2023 to Apr. 9, 2023, Death High Season 14 will officially be open. Participate for a chance to obtain Limited New Branches - Glow Stick, Season Limited Green Furniture, Season Limited Delightful Spring Spray Paint and Season Limited Exclusive Backpack - Hydra;
2. Death High has 260 floors in this Season, challenge floors to obtain huge rewards;
3. The Mutated Infected have invaded Death High. Survivors will encounter Mutated Infected during the challenge. As the floor gets higher, the Mutated Infected will also become harder to deal with. Use the Counter Chips to defeat them;
4. New Floor Skipping feature added to Death High. New "Dash Floor“ and ”SPD+ Floor“ features will be added to Death High, which will be based on the highest floor the player reached in the previous season, and their current Armed Force Level. When on a Dash Floor, players can now choose to advance directly to the next Floor without challenging, and when on a SPD+ Floor, players can choose to challenge up to 3 floors higher than the current floor. If the player clears the floor successfully, they can claim all corresponding rewards. Floors with Special Infected cannot be skipped.;
5. Mirrored High will open during the season. Mirrored High can be challenged in units of 10 floors, and will gradually open as survivors make progress in Death High. Challenge Mirrored High to obtain the Gallop Badge. Challenge Mirrored High to obtain prizes including the Gallop Badge;

[Area Operation]
New Mutation Modes:
1. Added Mutation Modes to the Black Mire, Merovey Castle and Silent Desert Area Operations. Clear the stage to receive Weapon accessories, Mutation Cores and other rewards; According to the feedback from Survivors, we also optimized the level of progression of some Mutation Mode Area Operations to create a smoother experience for Survivors;
2. A New Mutation Mode will be available on Mar. 5; Daily Mission - Mutation Mode will be randomly alternated among Black Mire, Hillside Stronghold and Golden Desert, and Weekly Mission - Mutation Mode will be randomly alternated among Merovey Castle, Hero Park and Levin City Power Plant;
3. The rewards of Federation Operation Mutation Modes and Normal Modes will be calculated separately.

[Mutation Core]
1. New Mutation Core - Blazing Chamber and Mutation Core - Motorized Armed Force
[Feedback Improvements]
Following Survivors' feedback received from various platforms, including Directly to Dev Team, the following content will be updated this time. More updates are in the pipeline. Please stay tuned.
1. Trade City: Mutation Cores can now be purchased in bulk, and Core attributes are now searchable, allowing Survivors to select Cores more quickly;

[Other Improvements & New Rules]
1. Team up system: We have overhauled the team up system, including the interactive elements. We have also simplified the steps required when switching quests and building new teams, making it easier for Survivors to engage in social aspects of the game. See below for details:
1) Improved the display logic of the activity bar on the left side of the Team up interface. The content most relevant for Survivors at that given moment will be prioritized, and content that the Survivors cannot participate in will be deleted. This will allow Survivors to see which activities they can participate in more clearly.
2) A new display icon has been added to the Team List for the team members. Now, if you join a new Team, if any of your teammates are friends, belong to the same Camp as you, or if you have teamed up with them recently, this will be indicated to you on-screen, making the composition of your team more obvious at a glance.
3) Added Like All, Add Friend, and Quick Adjust Team Target functions in the Results page of Crystal Hunt and certain Area Operations. Our hope is that Survivors can use this function to find friends who have similar in-game interests more easily.
4) Integrated the Team Settings and the Change Target interfaces, adjusted the team building process and simplified the steps required for Survivors to change team objectives and create a new team.
5) New Team up List added to the Team Channel, aggregating all recruitment information in one place
6) Simplified the unlock conditions of Miska Town, Hope Valley, Ghost Stronghold, and Mutation Modes. Now team leaders can launch the operation directly from most locations.
7) Simplified the unlock conditions of Area Operations. Now, when any member of the team is at the entrance, the team leader can start the stage directly. Team members can also send a reminder to the team leader to start the stage once they are ready.
8) Added a new Flight Point at Ark City. Players can now head to the entrance of Crystal Hunt directly.
9) Fixed the Schedule autopathing bug.
10) Improved the Team up Invitation page and reminders. Fixed an issue where players could not invite the same Survivor twice.
2. Improved the pop-up window display when claiming multiple items of mail and obtaining items after opening chests. Item information has now been added to the system channel.
3. Fixed an issue where Survivors can be attacked while switching between locations during some Area Operations.
4. Improved the red dot tip display when obtaining Mutation Cores.
5. Improved the way in which Mutation Cores are organized on the Replacement interface

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