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Maintenance Update 2/17

2023-02-16 share:

[Caravan 101]
Loyal Guardian: From Feb. 17 to Mar. 3, New Outfit - Loyal Guardian will be available for purchase. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action;
Survival Quiz Challenge: Survivors will be able to participate in the Survival Quiz every hour on the hour between 9:00 and 23:30 from Feb. 17 to Mar. 2. The question database will be updated throughout the event, and Survivors can claim additional daily and cumulative rewards. Survival Quiz Tickets will be available in the Caravan Market and through daily rewards. You can use these tickets to participate in the Survival Quiz at any time;
Choose Your Accessories: From Feb. 17 to Mar. 17, a target Area Operation will be determined according to Survivors' Gathering Level. Survivors can select target accessories from a predetermined accessory list. Survivors can complete the target Area Operation for a chance to directly obtain the selected accessories. The probability of obtaining the selected accessories increases every day until the selected accessories are successfully obtained. You can obtain 4 accessories during the event;
Op Privilege Card: From Feb. 17 to Mar. 3, Survivors can purchase Op Privilege Card and obtain an Artificial Magnetic Core every day. You can select a Daily Mission to obtain double challenge rewards;
Accessory Fusion Stream Bonus: From Feb. 17 to Mar. 17, you can perform a Fusion Stream every night in Hope 101. Complete a Fusion Stream during the event period for a guaranteed successful bonus.
Bunny H. Cannon: From Feb. 17 to Mar. 3, consume different amounts of LifeAfter Supply Boxes to open Gift Boxes and obtain rare items including Skin: Deep-Dive Heavy Cannon Bunny Edition, Mad Shark Backpack Box and more.
Cygnus: From Feb. 17 to Mar. 3, the Twin series - Cygnus the Collector's Edition will be available in the world of LifeAfter, Survivors can exchange Federation Checks for Dreamcatchers, which can be used to participate in the Cygnus event to get a chance of obtaining Cygnus Collection Outfit Box. There is also a chance to obtain the super rare Cygnus Colorful Collection Outfit Box;
Limited-Time Building: From February. 18 to March. 17, you can obtain Building Giftboxes when exchanging New Dollars with Federation Check. There is a chance of getting Formula: Large Frameless Glass Wall, Formula: Modern Black-Framed Glass and other rare building formulas. Duplicate formulas will be automatically converted into Building Vouchers, which can be used to exchange for rare buildings, furniture and Building Blueprints in the Building Store.
Caravan Market: From Feb. 17 to Mar. 3, Joystick Wall Lamp, Arcade Wall Lamp and many other furniture decorations will be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market! Great Gamer Furniture Chest will also be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. Open the chest for a chance to get Super Ultra Light Wave Duel, Neon Dance Machine, Championship Basketball Machine and other rare items;
Duo Training: From Feb. 17 to Mar. 2, Duo Training will be available. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Medals. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
Lucky Gift Box: From Feb. 23 to Mar. 9, Lucky Gift Boxes will become available, you can exchange LifeAfter boxes with Federation Checks. Open different boxes with LifeAfter boxes to get rewards including Collector's Edition Skin: Jade, Collector's Edition Skin: Red Lotus, Wonderland Box and more;
Sign-in Benefits: You can claim a massive amount of rewards by signing in every day during the event, including Enhancement Serums, Gene Capsules, Formula Shards and more.

Added a Manor Assistant function, which unlocks after the Survivor reaches Manor Lv. 10. After the relevant privilege is enabled, Manor Assistant can help Survivors subscribe to the Camp/101 Goods and get Manor Merchant’s rewards.

[Conquer the Sea]
Survivors will obtain the Silver Shark after the Killer Whale has been upgraded to Lv. 7. The Silver Shark comes with a totally new look, including a second-floor space and light strip

[Feedback Improvements]
Following Survivors' feedback received from various platforms, including Directly to Dev Team, the following content will be updated this time. More updates are in the pipeline. Please stay tuned.
1. Quick Gain improvements: When cultivating their character, Survivors can now purchase the required materials from Camp merchants, Nancy City training officers, the Arena Shop, Trade City, and the Mall directly, via the Quick Gain page. Survivors can also generate a list of the required materials and receive a notification when all items on the list have been obtained.
2. Area Operation matching improvements: Currently, the Difficulty levels of Crystal Hunt and Mutate Area Operation are recorded automatically and will take into effect in the next matching; Smart Matching Options are now supported for these two types of Area Operations.
3. Main Interface improvements: When Survivors enter Area Operations and Federation Operations, the system will automatically hide non-combat-related function icons, allowing Survivors to fight more freely without accidentally pressing an unrelated button.
4. New transfer points added to Area Operations: Survivors can now use Transfer in Weekly Missions and Federation Operations to quickly get to the battlefield.

[Other Improvements and New Rules]
1. Improved the issue where Survivors cannot choose the difficulty level on the team matching page. Also improved the specials effect of certain characters.
2. Improved the layout and presentation of the workstation page (currently not available to all Survivors). The team will continue to optimize and improve this feature based on player feedback before releasing it to all Survivors.
3. Fixed an issue where the Light Shield Drone Efficient Recovery did not function properly in certain circumstances.
4. Improved the gameplay experience of Levels 2 and 3 of Crystal Hunt.

*Please refer to in-game content for the actual information

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