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Maintenance Update 1/13

2023-01-12 share:

Caravan 101
Fortune Bunny: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, New Outfit - Fortune Bunny will be available for purchase. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action;
New Year Restaurant: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, run the restaurant with your friends, complete Restaurant Preparation Quests, cook together and gain compliments from your guests to exchange for rich rewards!
Ring in the New Year: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, complete daily quests to obtain New Year Picture Shards. Collect all New Year Picture Shards to obtain New Year's Lucky Bag rewards!
Bonfire Eve: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, Survivors can participate between 20:00 and 21:00 every day. Survivors can go to the event to match, or join together with their roommate. After a successful match, the pair will participate in Duo Trip and 5-day Project together and receive great rewards. 
Golden Collection: From Jan. 19 to Feb. 3, new Collection Outfit - Golden Garb will be available for a limited time during the event. Survivors can consume Federation Checks to open Basic Boxes and Celestial Boxes for a chance to obtain rich rewards including Collection Outfit - Golden Garb, limited Colorful Title - Make A Promise Under Thousands of Stars, Skin: Lead-Shove Shotgun Bunny Edition, new shotgun core: Frigid Ice Burst and more;
Rainbow Big Dipper: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, new flying vehicle - Rainbow Big Dipper will be available for a limited time during the event. Consume Federation Checks to open different boxes for a chance to obtain rewards including new flying vehicle - Rainbow Big Dipper, new Melee Weapon Formula: Bio-shark Blade, Formula: The BioT Spider Venom Rifle and more;
Bio-shark Blade Double Gifts: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, obtain Formula: Bio-shark Blade to enjoy double gifts. 1st Gift Zanbato: when your Special Research Level is not higher than the Zanbato, Bio-shark Blade upgrade cost will be reduced by 20%. The cost cannot be less than 1; 2nd Gift: R&D Rebate: obtain Formula: Bio-shark Blade, perform a Special Research and meet specific requirements to obtain rich rewards;
New Year Pass: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, complete quests to increase your pass level. Unlock the premium version to obtain rewards including Spring Sunshine Crystals, Gene Capsules, and Artificial Magnetic Cores. Spring Sunshine Crystals can be used to exchange for grand prizes including Collection Outfits.
Top-up Discount: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 17, you can enjoy up to 50% off discounts when topping up some Credits;
Formula Mod Limited Offer: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, when modifying specific formulas, the amount of Formula R&D Data and Chip Photoetching Pens needed will be reduced;
Consumer Squad: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, team up to form a Consumer Squad and accumulate squad points to unlock rich rewards!
Duo Training: Duo Training will be available from Jan. 13 to Feb. 3. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support;
Caravan Market: From Jan. 13 to Feb. 3, Jade Bunny Lantern Stand, Jade Bunny Celebration Chandelier and many other furniture decorations will be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market! Spring Bunny Furniture Chest will also be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. Open the chest for a chance to get Bunny Sedan Chair - Red, Plum Blossom Tree Lamp - Gold, Jade Bunny Star Collector and other rare furniture.
Collection Treasure Chest: From Jan. 19 to Feb. 3, Collection Treasure Chests will be available. Consume different amount of Federation Checks and open the boxes for a chance to obtain rare items including Skin: Lead-Shove Shotgun Bunny Edition, new shotgun core: Frigid Ice Burst and more;
Silver Road: From Jan. 20 to Feb. 3, Silver Road will be available. Survivors can exchange different amount of Spring Ingot for certain amount of New Dollars and receive giftboxes of different levels. Open the Box for a chance to get Azure Argus Painting, Luan & Feng Lute and more rare furniture;
Lucky Gift Box: From Jan. 27 to Feb. 10, Lucky Gift Box will be available. Purchase with Federation Checks for a chance to get new Outfit: Flopsy's Diary, Formula: Aries Sentinel, Formula: Silver Armor Gibbon and more;

[Restart Levin at Dusk]
The pollen starts to blow, and that can mean only one thing - Levin City is infected again! Levin at Dusk has now been restarted, bringing survivors a new main story and a more intense combat experience!
1. Levin at Dusk will start on Jan. 14. Survivors are qualified to join the campaign if their Gathering, Crafting and Combat are at least Lv. 15; the Battle for Survival is a cross-server event, which supports cross-server friends and cross-server team-ups. Survivors can play together with players from other servers.
2. Once you have joined the campaign, you can complete 3 Campaign Objectives in Levin City every day. At the same time, you can also participate in the limited-time Key Campaigns to get high rewards; As the campaign progress, players will gradually unlock exploration-based tasks including Cellar Treasure Hunt, Genetic Clue Gathering, and more to help Scientia unveil the mystery surrounding the pollen.
3. After completing the concluding battle — Dawn Showdown, rewards will be issued based on the campaign result. All participants will receive the "Levin at Dusk - Commemorative Edition" Limited-time Outfit.
4. You can obtain Campaign Badges by joining the campaigns mentioned. The rankings will be updated based on the Campaign Badges granted to Survivors in the events. Rewards will be issued based on Survivors' contribution ranking after the battle. The top 10 Survivors will receive great rewards, including a "Levin at Dusk" Limited-time Outfit, an exclusive title, and more; the Campaign Badges obtained can be used for upgrading your Feat Tier. You can get the corresponding great rewards and redeem various war preparation supplies for every tier upgraded.
5. To ease Survivors' burden, three daily Campaign Objectives will replace Limited-time Assistance for humans and Memory Requests for Revenants after joining the campaign, which means you'll receive all the rewards of Limited-time Assistance and Memory Request after completing the campaign objectives.
6. During the Battle for Survival event, your gear Durability loss, ammo reload cost and Drone Durability depletion are reduced by 90%; and Combat Mastery acquisition is reduced by 90%.
7. During the Levin at Dusk campaign, be careful with the Pollen Infected appear in Area Operation of Levin City.

[Cohabitation Upgrade]
1. Survivors from different Camps can now become roommates with their friends and enjoy some of the Cohabitation benefits
2. Added Cohabitation Level. Cohabitation Level will be determined based on the length (measured in days) you have cohabited with another player, as well as your Friendliness. Upgrade your Cohabitation Level to redeem exclusive Cohabitation items in the Cohabitation Shop.
3. Added Cohabitation Shop. Survivors will gain Cohabitation Points by completing Cohabitation Daily Quests and performing Duo Training with their roommate. Exchange these points in the Cohabitation Shop to obtain Exclusive Packs, Outfits, Vehicles, Actions, Wallpapers and other exclusive Cohabitation items.
4. Added a Cohabitation benefits event. Find a roommate and complete the associated quests to obtain an exclusive Outfit, Double Blueprint Pack and Cohabitation points.
5. Survivors who leave their camps will remain in their current Cohabitation, but some Cohabitation benefits will be lost.
6. Added a new function whereby players can force-terminate their Cohabitation. Survivors can now force-end a Cohabitation at any time, after which they cannot enter a new Cohabitation within 2 days.

[Area Operation]
New Mutation Mode
1. Added Mutation Mode - Golden Desert, Levin City Power Plant, The Spider Nest Problem. Clear the Mutation Mode to get Weapon Accessories, Mutation Cores and more rewards;
2. New Mutation Mode will be available on Jan. 15; Daily Mission - Mutation Mode will be randomly alternated between Hillside Stronghold and Golden Desert, Weekly Mission - Mutation Mode will be randomly alternated between Hero Park and Levin City Power Plant;
3. The rewards of Federation Operation Mutated Mode and Normal Mode will be calculated separately.
New Federation Operation Relic Island has started:
1. Relic Island New Federation Operation Relic Island has started. An SOS signal has come from the ocean: New Infected have appeared out in the ocean, and the Knights stationed at the Ark City have lost contact. Strong Survivors have been summoned to go to the ocean and find out the truth. Survivors need to reach Gathering Level 132 to participate in Relic Island. Survivors can look for Thorn at Hope 101 and team up to participate.
Crystal Hunt:
1. New Level added to Crystal Hunt

[Combat Power Enhancement]
1. Gene Modification: Gene Modification has been upgraded. Survivors whose Fighting Mastery reaches Lv. 120 and above can now unlock Super Gene and gain more enhanced techniques.
2. Tactical Belt: Tactical Belt has now expanded to Lv. 12. When Survivors’ Fighting Mastery reaches a certain level, they can keep upgrading the Chips; Expertise Level is added to Tactical Belt. After the Expertise Level is upgraded, Survivors will receive attribute bonuses and exclusive Special Skill.
3. Mutation Core: Added 4 new Mutation Cores, including Mutation Core - Ice Burst, Mutation Core - Quadruple Explosion, and Mutation Core - Electric Sputtering.
4. Fixed the issue where the damage of Bio Hunter - Spore Shot could be wrongly stacked.

[Conquer the Sea]
1. Ocean Adventures Improvements: Added the new Adventures Page for Survivors to manage Adventures, including: Ocean Adventures Overview, stop tracking Adventure Quests, turn off Adventure Auto-trigger, and go to the nearest dock. Survivors can operate through Ship Master Control and Adventure Details on the Tasks Panel.
2. Permanent Icons: Except for Fishing points and Ocean Encounters, all icons gained through Beacon Scanning will now be shown permanently on the map;
3. Icon Screening: Added the new Icon Screening function on the side of the Ocean Map page for Survivors to choose from. When using Beacon Scanning, Survivors can also screen based on specific categories.

[Feedback Improvements]
Following Survivors' feedback received from various platforms, including Directly to Dev Team, the following content will be updated this time. More updates are in the pipeline. Please stay tuned.
1. Gathering Drones can now smart-salvage for resources in the ocean. The efficiency depends on the Drone Type and players' talents.
2. Nanoplastic Maker Interface Improvements: Survivors can now distinguish Nanoplastic types dismantled from different materials and screen Nanoplastic types while dismantling materials. Also, new exclusive labels have been added to profession exclusive materials.
3. Gathering Team Interface Improvements: Exclusive Resources now clearly display the profession requests; While using a Gathering List to exchange for materials, the target numbers will also be updated simultaneously so that Survivors can use it more conveniently.
4. When Pioneers are leading returning Survivors to challenge low-level Area Operations, there will be bonus weapon Durability Loss Reduction. Also, some Pioneer Quests have been adjusted and now when teaming up with the same returning Survivor, there will be extra rewards.
5. Improved the operating experience while switching weapons after shooting.
6. Improved the experience of adjusting the camera view when Revenants collect woods and stones.
7. Increased the number limit of Mutation Cores that can be put up for sale at Trade City.

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