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Maintenance Update 11/18

2022-11-18 share:

[Anomaly Emerges]
Strange anomalies are emerging all over the world, including a giant eye in the sky. Communication channels are severely disrupted...
1. Anomaly Emerges will be available on Nov. 25. Different anomalies are waiting to be investigated. Don't miss out!
2. Anomaly Emerges includes three parts: Source of Anomalies, Mysterious Signal and Sky Eye. Anomalies occur among the Infected all over the world. Clues to a mysterious city are hidden in a strange signal. And a huge eye in the sky heralds new threats and challenges.
3. What is the force behind all these strange events? The truth is waiting for you to uncover!

[Caravan 101]
Anomaly Sign-in: From Nov. 18 to Nov. 24, you'll get a chance to claim rewards every day by logging in. There's also a cumulative reward available;
Cook-off: From Nov. 18 to Dec. 1, Survivors whose Gathering, Crafting and Combat level are higher than 10 can join the Cooking Quiz every day from 9:00 to 23:50 by using Quiz Tickets or talking with Monica at the Camp fountain or Hope 101 entrance. Answer correctly to unlock new Recipes. You can unlock 2 Recipes at most every day. Complete daily quests to obtain more rewards.
Gratitude: From Nov. 18 to Dec. 1, Survivors can collect ingredients by killing monsters, gathering, or fishing and then use them to make Thanksgiving Delicacies. The Thanksgiving Delicacy can be eaten or given to other players to increase Friendliness and claim Rewards;
Soccer Finals: From Nov. 18 to Dec. 26, the Soccer Finals will start! Participate in the event to have a chance to get Fan outfits, you can also obtain themed furniture and other rewards if you unlocked Team Pass.
Total Top-up Rewards: From Nov. 18 to Dec. 1, top-up any amount to accumulate top-up days, and reach certain days to obtain Total Top-up rewards.
Collection Box: From Nov. 18 to Dec. 2, the Collection Box will be available. Survivors can exchange different amounts of Federation Checks to open Chests to obtain Skin: Lead-Shove Shotgun Collector's Edition, Leaping Tiger Theme Plan Box, Silverwing Backpack Box and more
Ice Waltz: From Nov. 24 to Dec. 2, Ice Waltz will be available. Survivors can exchange different amounts of Training Medals for a certain amount of New Dollars and receive different amounts of Building Boxes. Open the Box of different levels for a chance to get Ice Skating Stage, Frost & Snow Deer and more rare furniture;
Lucky Gift Box: From Nov. 24 to Dec. 2, Lucky Gift Box will be available. You can exchange LifeAfter boxes with Federation Checks. Open different boxes with LifeAfter boxes to get rewards including Light Shield: Blazing Star, Armored Bunny Optional Chest and more;
Duo Training: From Nov. 18 to Dec. 1, Duo Training will be available. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Medals. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
Caravan Market: From Nov. 18 to Dec. 2, Masquerade Chair, Ball Rose and many other furniture decorations will be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market! Masquerade Rose Furniture Box will also be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. Open the chest for a chance to get Masquerade, Ball Cruise, Gorgeous Debut and other rare items;

[Farstar Cup]
1. The Farstar Cup is open daily from 18:00-24:00 from Nov. 17 to Dec. 1. You can participate when your Combat Level reaches 30. 20 Survivors will gather in Farstar City to fight for Blood Red Diamonds. Only one person can win the final victory. Who will be the winner?
2. Participants will be rewarded according to their performance. Each reward can be claimed at most once per day. Rewards are refreshed daily at 3:00. The champion will obtain the limited-time golden Head of Farstar City title and the speedy vehicle Farstar Phantom;
3. During the event, your gear Durability and Drone Durability will not be reduced, but your ammo reload cost will be reduced by 90%. Character attributes of all participants will be compressed to maintain balance;
4. To ensure the fairness of the game, some functional drones have been weakened and unfair teaming will now be punished more harshly.

[Other Content & New Rules]
1. Improved the experience when refuelling helicopters in the Area Operation "Levin City Stadium" and removed the slowdown debuff when carrying Petrol Barrels.
2. Improved the text notice when hit by the Flying Boar Drone skills and the location of the special effect after male characters are hit.
3. Improved the scanning function of the Ocean Beacon, providing more choices for Survivors to have more adventures while sailing. These additional Adventures will only be available on the day they are detected by the Beacon and will reset the next day. Survivors can turn this feature on manually at the Ocean Beacon after completing Daily Ocean Quests!
4. Improved the way Tactical Gear is thrown. Survivors can now choose their preferred type of throw on the Settings Page.
5. Expanded the testing range of [Armed Force Enhancement], which will open for all Survivors in future versions.

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