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New Version--It's Time to Head Home!

2020-01-16 share:

Once again, Survivors will be able to immerse themselves in every aspect of the apocalypse. For this new version, survivors are tasked to migrate back to Levin City and rebuild their homes. As doomsday life begins, survivors are now able to ride motocycles to explore. Moreover, the World Gourmet Festival would make gaming experience a more realistic one. Rise up, Survivors! Get ready for January 16th, for we are bound for home!

Outstanding performance establishing a new standard for the survival genre

Over the past year, LifeAfter has been loved by many players with its novel doomsday survival settings and high player freedom. As the game progresses, LifeAfter continues to introduce new gameplay. In particular, the radiation system that is based on field investigation in Chernobyl and the Halloween Easter Eggs have all demonstrated the devotion and innovation of the developers.

The revival of humanity starts with the Levin City Migration

As exploration deepens, the plan to reclaim Levin City continues. Upon returning to this once-abandoned city, it reminded us that the virus had taken too much from us. This time, human beings will take the first step to return to the city: from camp to suburb, from the wildness to modern buildings. The migration to Levin City is about to begin.

  The closer human beings approach the city, the more difficulties they encounter. In the face of various obstacles, they need to rebuild the transportation network and make it through all the dangerous areas along the way! Many areas remain uncharted in Levin City. Where is the origin of the virus? How do we fight against the virus with our knowledge of the human anatomy? Is there any other mysterious force out in the wild? These mysteries await to be unraveled in the new chapter.

Tour with the wind on your motorcycle

Releasing the first vehicle in the game. Hop on and zoom pass dangers!

With the ever-increasing areas to explore, many survivors grew tired of bustling about on foot. Starting from January 24th, get on a motorcycle and say goodbye to the endless walking! All survivors will be able to find public motorcycles in certain areas of Levin City, and shared motorcycles will also be introduced!

An amazing gourmet festival for a taste of quality life

Following the start of "New Life in Doomsday," the World Gourmet Festival is also launching with cuisines from all over the world! Survivors will be able to taste dishes that were once too far to reach and get a chance to show off their cooking skills! What's more, various stylish outfits will also become available. It's time to dress up and keep up the doomsday fashion!

More discounts and new gameplay await! Please visit the official website and fanpage to stay up-to-date with new updates!

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